Introduce yourself :D

  • Hi, I'm Geraldine, I'm 22 years old and live in Belgium. I too, still buy cd's because I feel guilty when I download music. Also, I like the thought of passing my albums on to my children or something later. And I'm always curious for the artwork and the thank you notes :).

    I really love rock music, grunge, garage, alternative, a little hard rock on the side and sometimes I'll even venture into metal... but usually only when there's a singer who actually sings/screams with some sense of melody. On the other side of the music spectrum, I can go nuts over pop music.

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    I'm the ButtCoffee, I buy cd's, cassettes, and records. I also think Dolphins need some more loving from us humans.

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    Hi, my name is Pieter and I am living in the Netherlands. Music has been a main interest for me since I was a young child. I play guitar for several years now and I am a writer for a music magazine in my country. There ain't a day without listening to music for me. I like many kinds of music, especially folk and alternative country and most kinds of music from the 60's and early 70's.

  • Howdy folks. I'm Dan. I'm a massive nerd, and also a massive music nerd. I listen to it as much as I possibly can. My tastes go all over the place and I'm constantly looking for new bands to fall in love with.

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    Hi, I'm Sebastiaan from the Netherlands. Over the years I have become a real music-lover, and listen to it as much as I can. My taste in music has really changed in the years from Hardcore/Rave (when I about 13 years old), to Hiphop (when I was about 16), to Alternative (when I was around 20). Mostly I listen to Hardrock, Stoner, Alternative, Industrial, and Metal.

  • Hey everyone, I'm Hunter and I currently live in Texas. I'm 21 and I dream of becoming a comedian. I am a huge music freak with my tastes ranging from girly pop music to heavy metal. I'm also very poor at introductions. Did I mention I like music? I'll usually give every genre and artist a try. So don't be surprised to see Katy Perry on the same chart as The Doors or Led Zeppelin.

  • Hello, I;m Ruben from The Netherlands. I'm 25 years old. Still buy cd's to support small bands. Mostly punk, psychobilly, rockabilly and rock'n'roll.
    Next to cd's I still buy vynils.

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  • Hey, I'm Eric and I'm from Alberta. Most of my friends make fun of me for buying CD's haha

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    Hi everyone. I'm Tom and I'm living in Poland. I'm 26. I really love trance music; progressive, uplifting. I listening music as I possibly can.

  • Hi all, I'm Jo, Greetz from Portugal!

    I buy cds whenever I can, monthly budget is tight but still... there's always THAT album you wanna get, right?

    I love music. I listen to a bit of everything, as long as sounds good to me. I don't neglect music, no matter how "commercial" it might be, as long as it is sung and played from the heart. I do have a big tendency to like some metal bands a bit more, but I'm proud of my wide range of music taste. I also love classical music, so inspiring!

    I also love music festivals and concerts, such adrenaline!

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    • Giu 29 2011, 0:20
    Oi ! I'm Greg and I'm from Poland, just like Tom is ;) however, my musical taste is far more different. Britpop/alternative/triphop/downtempo/oldschool rap.

    Music is digitalised nowadays, but I still buy cds :)


  • Brandon. United States. Listens to oldschool metal.

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  • Marion from the Netherlands here.
    25, will be 26 in 2.5 weeks.
    I love death metal and grind! :P

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    • Lug 3 2011, 16:15
    time for an update...

    Still the same after the last time.. now 23 years old...
    still buy a-freakin-a-lot of cd's... one of my biggest purchased items was a few days ago... The Beatles Stereo Box

    I play drums in 2 bands.. one Rock/Rock'nRoll kind of band... and 1 band more hometown/feelgood music

    I listen to alot of music.. at the moment Tangerine Dream - Lord Of The Ants... The Beatles Opeth Yes Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe Ted Nugent and too much to mention

    all the music you find in my Last.Fm Library is the music that I really own

    we still could have it really good....if you still want it to....
  • Hi,
    I'm Julia. I'm 16 years old and from Germany.
    My favourite bands are Green Day, My Chemical Romance and HIM.

  • Hello! I cannot remember if I've posted in this forum before...
    I'm Kimberlee aka (Kimmie) I'm originally from Egypt, but have been living in the US for most of my life. I enjoy a wide range of music from Techno/Trance to Hip Hop & RnB to Indie Music.
    Music is good for the soul! <3

  • Hi, I am one eccentric crazy motherfucka......currently enrolled in bull shit institution otherwise known as college.....surrounded by uptight pretentious interests include comedy, botany, marine biology, zoology, philosophy, reading, music such as playing my guitar and bass.....enjoy being around other crazy upfront people........still looking for my tangential bombshell, but have been panged by the idea that bombshells exist only as phantasms.

  • Hey, I'm Stewart, i live in the English countryside. Which is boring, LOVE music, buy CD's Vinyl, whatever i can lay my hands on, play bass and guitar and generally make noise.

    Rock/Alt is the way forward.

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    Hi everyone! I’m Doortje. I’m 20 years old and I’m living in The Netherlands. I just started playing guitar and other useless hobbies of mine are crocheting, watching films and British tv-series, walking and writing. My taste in music is versatile and changes all the time, but there are some all-time favourites: Sufjan Stevens, The Beatles, Radiohead, David Bowie and Belle & Sebastian. Oh, and I still buy cd’s because I think you ought to pay for the effort put in cd’s and I want musicians to make more and I doubt some will do that if they can’t live off it anymore. And I love the awesome extras Sufjan Stevens adds to his cd’s. (=

    Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted.
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    I'm from England and at 39 I'm probably towards the older end of the Last FM age spectrum. My music taste is probably best defined by a combination of my teenage years in the 80s, a love of scandinavian metal/rock and the fact I listen to a lot of artists that people haven't heard of (yet).

    Whilst I originally signed up to the site a number of years ago, I've only recently started to use it on a regular basis, so the scrobbles still only reflect a fraction of what I actually listen to.

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    23yo from Sweden. I have a decidedly eclectic taste in music. Lots of rock and indie mixed with d&b, dubstep, house, mainstream pop, metal, folk etc. etc. I buy cds for a lot of different reasons...they're magical, pretty to look at, buying them gives me a rush, and also...I hate mp3s! What I don't buy I stream, because really...I hate legally downloaded mp3s and am too much of a coward to download the other kind ;P

    Other than that I'm simply an econ student who loves to read & write, dabbles in art, sings (rather than well) every time I'm drunk, doing dishes or just am really giddy, loves to go to concerts... and really just loves music in general!

    I have the greatest contempt for optimism. (Oscar Wilde)
  • Heey there. I'm Cory. I hope to travel the world in my hippy van (when i buy one) and of course listen to stacks of CDs ;D

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    • Ago 24 2011, 23:01
    I'm Antonio...

    And I just like CDs. I've bought some MP3s but it's not the same as a CD. You don't get the nifty booklet. Sometimes i'll buy random CDs of music I've never heard of at flea markets for like a dollars or so. Just to listen to new stuff.

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