• music is the key to empathy

    Mar 11 2015, 21:49 di annaoj

    empathy is the light in humanity
    i want to feel more of it every day

    music showed me how
    all these songs are a collection of people’s memories
    and they resonate with me because

    i feel things you have felt before
    and if i haven’t felt it
    i want to understand it
    because i want to understand you
    because i care about you
    even though i know i will never meet see or speak to you

    i want to make a vested effort
    to stop invalidating people’s feelings
    because i have no barometer for your pain
    i will never fully understand the context of your life

    when i catch myself judging people
    i must wave those thoughts away

    when people treat me badly
    i must remind myself that there is a greater source of pain in their lives
    from the past or present
    this is not who they really are

    we were not born with this anger and hatred
    we learned it

    i was a disgusting child filled with anger
    and took it out on innocent people
    already a psychopath at age 5

    my behavior was sickening
    i did things to people that fill me with regret
    i hope that they forgot
    but i know that it’s somewhere in their minds

    violence never leaves you
    terror is vivid

    once someone has woven violence into your life
    even if you manage to rip out all the seams
    there will still be stitch marks left
    holes remain there forever

    sometimes it seems impossible but
    we can let our hatred rest
    instead of feeding ourselves rage and bitterness

    anger tarnished my mind
    it is too much to carry
    violence breeds violence

    i don’t want to be part of this cycle anymore

    empathy will lead the way

  • Do you really think last.fm's similar artists are accurate?

    Ott 22 2013, 14:25 di maplejet

    Hello world.

    You really think so? Then take a look at these so-called similar artists found on each of the following artists among the first 50 artists listed:

    Metallica - System of a Down, Slipknot, Godsmack, KoRn, Disturbed, Rammstein, The Offspring, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Children of Bodom, In Flames, Apocalyptica, Alice in Chains, Bullet For My Valentine, Lamb of God, Stone Sour, Nirvana, Limp Bizkit, Rage Against the Machine, Deep Purple, Nightwish

    --You really think nu metal like KoRn and Slipknot sound the same? When was Pink Floyd known for making headbashing tunes? I never knew Offspring was a metal band. I didn't know Metallica had harsh vocals like Children of Bodom, Lamb of God, and In Flames! I didn't know Metallica had rap vocals like Limp Bizkit and Rage Against the Machine. And I most certainly think Led Zeppelin is a true metal band since thrash and heavy metal is the first thing that comes to mind when someone says Led Zeppelin

    The Offspring - Papa Roach, Limp Bizkit, Metallica, System of a Down, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters, Nickelback, Godsmack, Three Days Grace, Rage Against the Machine, AC/DC, KoRn, Bullet For My Valentine, 3 Doors Down, Disturbed, Hollywood Undead, Slipknot, Guano Apes, P.O.D., In Flames, Serj Tankian, Dope, Breaking Benjamin, Static-X, NIrvana, DragonForce, Puddle of Mudd, Iron Maiden, Linkin Park, Rammstein

    --So wait, I'm supposed to believe that the nu metal craze of the 90s featured The Offspring? I'm supposed to believe Offspring played funk rock music like RHCP. I'm supposed to believe Offspring is a rap-oriented group like RATM, LP, and Hollywood Undead? A post-grunge outfit LIKE FUCKING NICKELBACK? In Flames did punk rock or pop punk? This is news to me!!!

    Nirvana - Sex Pistols, Metallica, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Guns N' Roses, The White Stripes, Ramones, System of a Down, Joy Division, Korn, The Beatles, Queens of the Stone Age, Pink Floyd, Green Day, Marilyn Manson

    Gee, Nirvana is hard rock like Led Zeppelin. And they play psychedelic music like Pink Floyd and The Doors...obviously the Beatles and their happy pop and rock and roll is similar to Nirvana and their negative creep grunge sounds. And obviously it's nu metal since it's similar to KoRn and SOAD (I consider SOAD part of the nu metal scene but not as a nu metal band).

    And there's more out there. This is all thanks to the brilliant formula for finding similar artists. Congratulations, if you love Guns N' Roses, you will love Nirvana (and vice versa).
  • The interface of musical taste

    Set 30 2011, 13:14 di Randwer

    I wondered for a while, about my personal preferences aka my musical taste.
    Whether it was the circumstance, that I like the works of artists which are very different from each other, or the fact that I rarely like music from artists announced as similar as my favourites, I am not sure.
    Nevertheless I pondered for a while about the nature of my taste and the way it is formed.
    As software engineer, I'm prone to use technical terms. So if you read this, please be lenient with me, concerning the language.

    My conclusion so far is, that the interface of my musical taste has three main parameters. These are mind, soul and body, or in even more physical terms head, heart and belly.

    To match my taste a title must attract me by one of these methods at least, and it should not repel me on either way.

    So, having a lot of entirely different artists among our favourites, we should not fear that that might be a mark of schizophrenia. The works just approach our tastes by a different method. :-)
  • Idiots who post negative comments on artist's shoutboxes

    Ott 6 2009, 0:35 di racquelle2005

    God i hate poeple who write negative comments in artist's shoutboxes there is a line between voicing your opinion and being a straight up douchebucket. Help end the ignorance learn to post your opinion without coming off as an illiterate idiot =/
  • My Chemical Romance: The Hate They Receive

    Mag 12 2009, 3:05 di FelonErika

    Copied from my post on I Hate Music Snobs:

    Out of the artists I listen to, My Chemical Romance is certainly the most bashed and bullied band (both on and off net). I can't get through first period without hearing a remark against them - or me, for liking the band. There was one instance when I was in an 8th grade classroom making up a test (I'm in 7th), and a boy from said class felt it necessary to turn around, and tell me that "My Chemical Romance suck." I had no idea who this kid was, and would most likely never see him again; but because I was wearing the band's hoodie, he felt it was necessary to express his opinions. Not to mention all of the "My Chemical Romance should die" messages I've read on the bathroom stalls, and similar things etched on desks. Their last.fm page is littered with trolls, to the point where I might say there are more hate shouts than those from fans. The media has attacked them countless times: claiming they promote violence, glamorize suicide/self-injury, are responsible for multiple teen suicides, are leaders of a "dangerous emo death cult", among many other ridiculous things. Fans have been beaten by strangers to the point of hospitalization (at random and during festivals), and harassment in public places is disturbingly common - all just for wearing a t-shirt. There is this gross stigma that the band and their fans are all "bad, trouble making people who are also emo and cut for fun". I've had numerous adults give me disapproving looks upon noticing any band merchandise I may be wearing, and there are even some teachers at our school that will vocally announce they think the band is a bad influence on kids. A few fans have reported being called down to guidance, or checked on by teachers because they were concerned these kids were self-harming. Their reason? People thought they were "emo" for listening to the band, and therefore must cut themselves. Numerous rumors have been started about me personally stating that I take drugs, cut myself, and want to die. When I asked why they think these things, their response is always "'because you listen to My Chemical Romance". I'm not going to lie, I've had my struggles in the past with depression; but none of it was caused because I listened to a band, and My Chemical Romance actually helped me through it. Which I think is the most frustrating part of this situation: the band has always aimed to help kids through the uglier spots in life (see: thankyoumcr.net), and now everyone is twisting that around and claiming just the opposite.

    It's absolutely ridiculous, and needs to stop now.
  • The Last.fm Subscription Decision

    Mar 30 2009, 14:59 di HumanRejection

    Last.fm’s recent decision has sparked off a lot of rebellion in the community and I do not doubt that you do not know the reason why this is happening. There have been groups made up and users joining to support this. However, what is really the purpose of these groups? What are they really going to do to last.fm’s decision? Is it really going to change anything?

    The players

    So we have a lot of ‘big’ major groups forming and here are some of them which are making little progress.

    The first is Free is Free which have a very cluttered up announcement/overview in their group for starters and show no sign of even having anything they want out of it. Yes, they have the stupid idea of ‘striking scrobbling’ by scrobbling non-existed songs from their invented artist Strike Scrobbling. Even though, scrobbling is not even the threat here, it is the radio free-streaming broadcast which is put up by major labels. Also, this invention not only messes up the whole dam charts of last.fm, the database and also crowds your own charts; it simply is a childish way of doing things. I have been on last.fm’s side for this one, like I was with the design, but this time making alternative ideas for them like petitions or protest marches.

    The second is an equalling a stupid group, this is of course the wannabe ‘first’ made group of its kind – Bring Back the Free Last.fm – which it isn’t. This group is better laid out, yes, but still what they want is not clearly collaborated anywhere. This protestors suck at organising anything beyond there virtual cd collection it seems. I haven’t really looked at this one as thoroughly as the last one, as they locked there shoutbox and forums for outsiders once I and a team of last.fm pros came in and ‘argued’ there group’s lack of ability to organise (which I find ironic). Anyway, one thing they think is good is that they are getting staff and moderators from the site in their group, watching them. Well, I could say that when they come visiting my groups but it isn’t frankly; they are just users of their site like any of us. The ones making the decisions are the business men in the directors meetings with their partner CBS. So really, little will change with these coming into your group except the hope that you are getting somewhere with your marketing. (Which is also ironic as last.fm seems they can’t do promotion out to every user on their database just saying please donate or something like that?)


    As you have read so far, and probably now either nodding your head or slamming your head into the computer screen, that these groups have no real outcome to them. It is like protests in UK for anything really, a shambles. The recent (or coming) ‘protests’ for the economic conditions of the country, it ant working I can tell ya. The purposes or main purpose is lacking in analysis or explaining. What do they want? Most of them (when I talked to them) is that they hate the moral distribution of the sites announcing this new feature. Well, how else were they meant to do it? Through the blog, the most effective way on this site to do it, isn’t it? Also, some of them feel it is that the subscription distribution that is the problem. Yes, three countries get let off but that is because they have revenue for these countries already. So, no we are not cheapskates if we are from these countries, we are backed up by fair business man that need freaking money because they are broke! (Because of some Scottish PM) Therefore, it is totally ridiculous view that last.fm are ‘unfair’.


    There is also another problem. One argument is that last.fm is ‘doing it to stab the users that love them in the back…again’…really? I don’t think so. Actually I am pretty sure it was the hardest decision they had to make since changing there name. I mean, come on, they are a small company based in the most economically blundering city of the world today (because of that Scottish PM again) and need some dosh to make up their bills? Wrong? Fair? I think it is fair for them to do it. It is only 3 euros (that is less than a lunch meal) for a whole month. Yes, you didn’t have to pay this before and it was a 3 euro a month that you had in savings, but you are really helping a broke company with this. The people saying they cannot afford it, come on, you are either cannot do your books correctly or you are being unjust to last.fm. If you really cannot afford it, firstly, I am sorry you are in that way of life and society has failed you and secondly, how can you buy a computer/pay for an hour on internet café AND buy/download your cd collection OR even listen to music when I would be braking my back to earn a decent enough a living to have a comfortable life (like I am doing nowadays)???


    I know, last.fm could have done this differently but I really feel they are doing it for the user in the long run not to condemn you from their site. I do not think it is ‘racist’ (because if it is, I will call the KKK and tell them to be more extreme), I do not think that it is unfair or incorrect. Also, the purposes are all disorganised and will not do anything to change the minds of the big men in charge. If a business has troubles they always stick to it. If it is a joke, it be a sick one of that so anyone who says that is just as sick as they are. Peace.

    I did not read this back through

    D.A.M, Cerebral Fix, Betrayer, Battered, Avenger of Blood, Living Death, Mortal Sin, Voivod, Dekapitator, AggressionVulcano, Re-Animator, Wargasm, Acid Drinkers, Dead Horse, Dead Head, Cranium, OverDose, Bywar, BewitchedAnnihilator, Carnivore, D.B.C., Warbringer, Hirax, Accept, Sepultura, Twelfth Gate, Volcano, Metal ChurchHexenhaus, Cryptic Slaughter, Flotsam and Jetsam, Sanctuary, Morbid Saint, Toxic Holocaust, Tankard, Agent Steel, Gama Bomb, Merciless DeathVio-Lence, Toxik, Evildead, Exciter, Sacred Reich, Sacrifice, Artillery, Realm, Blessed Death, Blood FeastS.O.D., Exumer, Razor, Dark Angel, Whiplash, Heathen, Laaz Rockit, Holy Moses, Holy Terror, Blind Illusion
    Excel,Exhorder,Suicidal Tendencies ,Death Angel,Iron Angel,D.R.I.,Assassin,SSS (a.k.a Short Sharp Shock), Bonded By Blood, Evile
    Believer,Rigor Mortis,Legion of the Damned,Nuclear Assault,Testament ,Coroner,Municipal Waste,Overkill, Forbidden,Exodus Sabbat, Xentrix,OnslaughtDestruction,Anthrax,Kreator,Sodom,Metallica,Megadeth,Slayer
    Invocator Stone (FINProtectorSarcófago A.R.GExorcistNasty SavageAbattoir Intruder (US) Destroyer 666
    RadioheadRed Hot Chilli PeppersThe BeatlesMuseLilly AllenThe Ting Tangs
  • The Starter List of Thrash Metal 1.1

    Dic 30 2008, 14:13 di HumanRejection

    Volume 1.1 Introduction

    The last one covered the thrash bands I got into first and this really gave me more information about the genre as a whole with these bands. This led me into these next 10 artists. This time, I am only doing a few ‘featured’ artists (basically describing about some not all) and these are the artists I got into as part of the adventure through the genre, the very first time I got into it.

    This may not cover YOUR expectations of a volume called ‘Starter List’ but there WILL be all the major bands in all the volumes up to 2.0 for beginners. The volume 2.0 will be for medium (or as I call them youngster) Thrash fans and then 3.0 will be for advanced Thrashers.

    These have been featured in the last one:


    List of Volumes:

    Volume 1.0

    Volume 1.1


    The most deserved of all thrash entities that came out of the san Francisco bay area scene were the brightest of the bunch and the (in my opinion) the best talented on stage. These guys were the true favourites of fans that were diving there way into the thrash scene early in the 1980’s with members coming and going all throughout and joining from and to other successful bands. This included Kirk Hammett who quickly was snapped up by Metallica. However, this band has had its downfalls and it goes to show the business that you are in always collapses around you when your still ‘riding’ high on the back of it. Even though the major label signing these guys were never meant to get the attention span of what all the other major bands did in the 1990s. So the recommendations can go on for a long time but here are my favourites; Bonded by Blood, Pleasures of the Flesh and Fabulous Disaster. The latter probably being their best and that’s most probably why they hit it with Capitol.

    Forbidden : recommended albums - Forbidden Evil and Twisted Into Form.


    Now this band needs no introduction, with speed, flourishing solos like Iron Maiden and screeching vocals this is your oh sweet typical thrash band. The first time I heard this band I wanted to immediately buy all their shit, and that’s what I did. Oh and before I say the cliché ‘the old is better than their new stuff’, it would be wrong, because it isn’t. First, I would listen to their ‘more’ listenable albums like Immortalis and ReliXIV because of the recording quality is better. However, if you don’t mind it low, thrashing and hard as ever…come join the ranks of Feel the Fire, Taking Over, Under the Influence, The Years of Decay and their experimental Horrorscope. I would like to take this opportunity to say that if Metallica evolved naturally and not artificially with that producer dude being a mainstream prick they would be something like this. (of course, a worse version of these guys *wink*)

    Municipal Waste

    This band haven’t been around that long but you get a feeling that they sure have been drinking for ages! This band totally will blow your cigar out and waste your drink in one swig in a gig, with their awesome riffs –changing all the time I may add- creating catchy songs and merciful lyrics about – well – social stuff. It is all in the name of crossover influenced thrash and these guys do it the best (except for D.R.I), with such albums as Hazardous Mutation and The Art of Partying, you cannot go much wrong here.

    Coroner : Recommended albums :- R.I.P., Mental Vortex and Grin.

    Testament : Recommended albums :- The Legacy, The New Order, Practice What You Preach, The Gathering and First Strike Still Deadly.

    Nuclear Assault : Recommended albums :- Game Over and Survive.

    Legion of the Damned

    This band, used to be called Occult, are the classic example of death thrash and the way it should be done. This band, I have to admit, were not my ‘second wave’ artists that I got into first time round but revisiting the death thrash genre led me to these guys. These guys are focused with four albums since their name change and what brilliant albums they are. Their debut in 2006 came with Malevolent Rapture which strings together Kreator and Slayer with some Possessed whipped in for good measure. This is no band to sit and enjoy, these guys thrash like you would not believe with Sons of the Jackal and Feel The Blade both giving you the ‘shit I need to run’ feeling. Their recent album being Cult of the Dead which I be listening to any time soon. (that’s right they released 2 albums in one year!)

    Rigor Mortis : Recommended albums :- Rigor Mortis and Freaks.

    Believer : Recommended albums :- Sanity Obscure and Dimensions.

    The Next Journal

    Volume 1.2
    Including some of the fastest, crossover and talented artists that have been around and are still around today! Highlights: Death Angel, Assassin and Iron Angel


    Excel,Exhorder,Suicidal Tendicies ,Death Angel,Iron Angel,D.R.I., Assassin,SSS (a.k.a Short Sharp Shock), Bonded By Blood, Evile
    Sabbat, Xentrix,Onslaught ,Destruction,Anthrax,Kreator,Sodom,Metallica,Megadeth,Slayer
    S.O.D. Exumer Razor Dark AngelWhiplash HeathenLaaz RockitHoly MosesHoly Terror Blind Illusion
  • The Starter List of Thrash Metal 1.2

    Dic 30 2008, 14:48 di HumanRejection


    Now if you are just beginning and have not seen these journals before here are a list of featured bands so far:

    Volume 1.0


    Volume 1.1

    Rigor Mortis
    Legion of the Damned
    Nuclear Assault
    Municipal Waste

    This is where the old thrash bands became scarce for me and I began taking note of the new wave of 80’s thrash here in England. However, still some old hope, mostly from Europe, has appeared again. In this revisiting third wave, which are all the gems from my old collection who I have forgotten about and what a mistake it was to forget these.

    Volume List

    Volume 1.0
    Volume 1.1

    Volume 1.2


    This band was the start off, for me, for the English back-to-basics thrash explosion in 2007 and these guys play hard. Their catchy tunes sound like early Slayer, Testament and Metallica rolled into one. It is nice to see, a recognition to these ‘major’ 80’s bands and with their Enter the Grave debut which does also relate heavily on Exodus aswell. However, I would like their progression to go along the more hardline thrash away from the major bands and into the Artillery or At War inspired. I also noticed that most of their influences were indeed the usual suspects in the 80’s. However, despite this setback I like them and I especially like the production, clean but not too clean.

    Bonded By Blood : Recommended Album:- Feed The Beast.

    SSS (a.k.a Short Sharp Shock)

    Once again from England, these fellows were probably the first crossover band I got into. And what a band they are. They have raw underground guitars, punky vocals by Foxy, short-songs mostly under the two minute mark and funny-original lyrics. Add a Major Record deal and your in business. The two album old band makes a good show in their new The Dividing Line which increases this energetic punky feeling going on from their debut Short Sharp Shock.


    German thrashers are often raw, aggressive and fast, and this is what you are getting with Assassin. Brilliant riffs interchanging with the powerful drumbeat and lowdown bass with the vocals adding to the effect with high-ish pitch and lyrics all thrashing to match. These guys were quick in and out job really during the 80’s and came back about 2003 and finally released a new self-financed album in 2005. However, not much has come out since and there has been no news about these guys for quite sometime. But if your just getting into the thrash world I would suggest these guys with albums like The Upcoming Terror and Interstellar Experience.


    This band is interesting starting off as a punk band they quickly delved into the crossover genre, which they coined by the way, and then released a slew of positive albums which are all worthy of mention here. There intense, fun with sprinkles of brilliance in the riffs, ever powerful lyrics and vocals occupying the fills and beats that are flawlessly put down by the drummer. There are hints of this band is not for the serious with the recording be screwed around with (especially on Four of a Kind) but this just adds to their appeal. Recommendations would have to be Crossover and Thrashzone also the aforementioned 4 of a Kind.

    Excel : Recommend Album:- Split Image.

    Exhorder : Recommend Album:- The Law.

    Suicidal Tendencies : Recommend Albums:- Join The Army and Suicidal For Life.

    Death Angel : Recommend Albums:- The Ultra-Violence and Frolic Through the Park.

    Iron Angel

    These German thrashers are one of the cult bands which had a loyal following and still have today. They had a crunchy, speedy and energetic sound with aggressive frontal vocals marching the songs on with tremendous outcomes. They are often referred to as a Destruction clone but I seem adamant at this claim, they were at the same time and all but copying Destruction doesn’t come close. They set away from the pack with their most classic of their two albums with Hellish Crossfire which they never grasped again and broke up shortly afterwards. Despite this, fast forward to the bands reform in 2000 It saw a new album The Rebirth which was a welcome come back but the untimely death of Wittke stopped that reunion in its tracks. Then again, go forward again to another reunion in 2007 and a demo came of this but yet again they were struck again with Strüven dying in mid-2008. They have finally decided to call it a day but we hope that the human technology will bring back Wittke and Strüven to get another album out of the Irons!

    The Next Journal

    Volume 1.3
    Another racing journal that will take the reader through some of the most influential and newest thrash artists that have come out. Including: Evile, Laaz Rockit and the almighty Whiplash.


    Excel,Exhorder,Suicidal Tendicies ,Death Angel,Iron Angel,D.R.I., Assassin,SSS (a.k.a Short Sharp Shock), Bonded By Blood, Evile
    Sabbat, Xentrix,Onslaught ,Destruction,Anthrax,Kreator,Sodom,Metallica,Megadeth,Slayer
    S.O.D. Exumer Razor Dark AngelWhiplash HeathenLaaz RockitHoly MosesHoly Terror Blind Illusion
  • A Helping Hand to the Glorifying Genre of Metal (GROUP)

    Dic 13 2008, 20:16 di HumanRejection


    So, I have just started A Helping Hand to the Glorifying Genre of Metal to help users get stuck into the most enjoyable genre for me, which is .

    A lot of the population of the mainstream think metal as a all screaming, all shouting, aggressive genre which only has , and a few others which they think all sound the same.

    This is the past, if this group hits off like lightning falls from the sky whilst thunder rumbles back and fourth in a storm, it will make a new enterprise, a new understanding and yet more metalheads.

    I do not give two cent if you like , or anything else, I want everyone to look, read and if they want to after these to listen to it. I want the understanding that metal has a wide range of genres with in this huge umbrella called .


    I have already mentioned the understanding concept of my group and this is only partly why I made such a group. The story goes, when I was browsing my favourite site on the web. I came across this interesting community. That seemed to be recommending artists into forums which went on for a lot of pages I can tell you. Now I am a bit forceful when it comes to opinions and I think I made it relevantly clear that I thought the group was a good ‘idea’ but the underlying understanding and navigation was not there. This did not really go down to well, as I said, the way I said it might have been a little too harsh.

    After this first ‘conception’ into this ‘idea’ I thought – wouldn’t it be great having a select few forums of all the sub-genres of heavy metal and it’s sub-genres of that and so on. So, I made, A Helping Hand to the Glorifying Genre of Metal on the 7th of December 2008.

    The group was firstly met with anger by the former group I came and ‘forcefully’ intruded. However, I settled these differences and I thought why fight? When we should UNITE! - Against the common purpose.

    The next objective of this group was to create a friendly atmosphere within the community group to allow users to freely ask and recommend artists/albums. No matter what side of music life they had chosen, they are allowed in and take part in this new movement.

    Finally, the only other objective was to make users get into a musical genre which they either have been into but have not really had the right direction to get into the genre to deeply or totally new to the genre. That’s how the terms, ‘new’, ‘young’ and ‘experienced’ metalheads came about. However, do not let that fool you, if you are a rocker (for example) and are interested in learning about an unknown-to-you genre – it’s for you to!


    In conclusion, this group is for understanding, learning and mainly enjoying the music of heavy metal and its brilliant variant sub-genres!


    Legion of the Damned,Occult,Vader,Obituary,Hatesphere,One Man Army and the Undead Quartet,Maze Of Torment,Final Breath,Hypnosia,Flesh Made Sin,Sauron,Behemoth,Hate,Decapitated,Morbid Angel,Nile,Grave,Death,Malevolent Creation,Autopsy,Bolt Thrower,Dismember,Illdisposed,The Haunted,As We Fight,The Crown,Neaera,Threat Signal,God Dethroned,Impious,Darkane,The Duskfall,Vesania,Azarath,Belphegor,Krisiun,Cryptopsy,Decrepit Birth,
    Necrophagist,Unleashed,Entombed,Atheist,Pestilence,Cynic,Incantation,Dying Fetus,Asphyx,Carnage,Hail of Bullets,Benediction,At the Gates,Bloodbath,Kataklysm,Panzerchrist,Aborted,Fleshcrawl,
    Dimension Zero,Carnal Forge,Maintain,Fall of Serenity,A Traitor Like Judas,Heaven Shall Burn,Burning Skies,Usurper,Maroon,Misery Speaks,Forever It Shall Be,Narziss,Band

    Caliban Last.fm Mnemic Silent Civilian Dagoba Sybreed Diecast Raunchy Necrophobic Dissection Omnium Gatherum Dew-Scented Nightrage Scar Symmetry Devourment Metallica Slayer Megadeth Disarmonia Mundi Blinded Colony Stillborn kirsiun Lost Soul Naglfar Torture Squad Vital Remains Origin Sinister Defeated Sanity Gorguts Spawn of Possession Abysmal Torment Gortuary Vile Disavowed Hour of Penance The Faceless Iron Angel Kreator Destruction Sodom Bastard Post Mortem Postmortem Post-Mortem Moby Dick Whiplash Onslaught Hellish Crossfire Overkill Misery Index Deeds of Flesh God Macabre Grotesque Authorize Facebreaker Dark Tranquillity In Flames Arch Enemy Hypocrisy Aeon Edge of Sanity Debauchery Emeth Benighted Machinemade God Beneath The Sky As I Lay Dying All Shall Perish Soilwork Exodus Annihilator Coldworker Severe Torture Judas Priest Iron Maiden Led Zeppelin
  • Billboard Number Ones

    Dic 5 2008, 20:28 di Carali

    In proof that you really can accomplish something big when you are exceptionally bored and have nothing better to do at work, I give you my Billboard Number Ones radio station! I actually tagged every song to ever top Billboards Hot 100 from the first ever, (At the Hop) to the most recent, (Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It))! It's quite an interesting listen actually. :)

    I'm also thinking of doing seperate stations for each decade, but I haven't actually done that yet. That'll probably come in the next month or so...