Best riffs n jams

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    • Ott 9 2010, 11:16

    Best riffs n jams

    Well the title pretty much says it all... soooo... have your say - which intros, outros, interludes, riffs, jams, covers... blabala make you wanna head-bang till your neck breaks or jump till your legs feel like sponges!
    My favs are Kaoss Jam, Who Knows Who riff, MK Jam and what's a muse gig without Man with the Harmonica!! And of course Helsinki Jam (WAY TO GO FINLAAAAAND!!!!) ;DDDD

  • Citizen Erased. I'm even listening to it now ;)

  • I can't but say how I adore when Matt plays piano and the boys accompany him on the drums and buss!!! For example, when it's Rachmaninov... mmm... =)

    music is in my soul
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