Your favourite artist and mix on Hybridized

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    • Mag 4 2006, 14:37

    Your favourite artist and mix on Hybridized

    post here ;)

  • micah

    ive been listening to micah's ruhn song 006.. i am generally not into the 4/4 proggy electro stuff but i am totally digging it right now

  • Hmmmm its so hard to decide, i am going to have to post a few.

    Jody Wisternoff - All sets
    Digital Witchcraft - Proton Radio Mix
    NuBreed - February 2006 JJJ Mixup
    Hybrid - BBC 6 Mix

    I could carry on and on and on....


  • Has to be Jody Wisternoff - October 2006 MySpace mix. Probably the only good thing with MySpace in it's title. God I hate that site! ;-)

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    • Nov 19 2007, 0:03
    a lot of nice stuff used to grab from there, still remains one of the favourite)

    Digital Witchcraft - Proton Radio Mix
    Digital Witchcraft - Rhythmaculture Mix
    Way Out West - all sets
    Micah - Proton Radio Featured Artist Mix
    and some great stuff from Shiloh, KiloWatts, Grayarea, NuBreed and so on ^^

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    • Dic 4 2007, 22:10
    Micah - all
    Jody Wisternoff - all

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    • Gen 20 2008, 21:32
    Hybrid - February 2006 Kiss 100 Mix
    Hybrid - BBC 6 Mix

    Those are both really great and totally my style. I haven't found anything else of a comparible style or quality yet. Any kind heart want to help me out?

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    • Feb 27 2008, 0:48

    Trafik - Big trouble in little china

    Trafik - Big Trouble in little china

    Thats one of the most amazing sets I've ever heard!

    And - of course - Noel Sanger's Summer 2006 promo.

  • Digital Witchcraft..Proton Mix...Rythmaculture..all of them r perfect

  • Digital Witchcraft - Proton Radio Mix is the best!

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    • Ago 8 2009, 0:05
    just HAS to be Trafik's latest, the Executive mix!!!
    Amazingly blended, awesome emotion control and GREAT choice of tracks
    Possibly my most favourite-ist ever!

    Trafik - Executive Mix

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