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    • Mag 31 2009, 7:56
    in 1st season Walberg(I not remember his name) say to Caddy: "You love House"
    And in 1-5 seasons we see. It's true,

  • leeloo_darkness said:
    Talk what you want, House will marry Wilson anyway xD

    soo agreed! :D
    i don't like the House and Cameron idea, but i don't like Huddy either, still i prefer the second one

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    • Giu 13 2009, 12:24
    House and Cameron no no no no no

    • TarynKD ha detto...
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    • Lug 26 2009, 3:54
    I hate it. Cameron being all, oh I'm in love with my superior who is like 20 years older then me but I won't admit it to save my life even though I totally hooked up with him. Stop denying it bitch nobody cares about what you think anyways. I've pretty much always hated Cameron. Always.

    Call me psychotic or numb
    I'm just a product of love
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    • Lug 26 2009, 11:59
    No Cameron and House no no no but Cameron and Chase that's better

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    • Ago 10 2009, 16:31
    My opinion? He should be alone. :P He's not the same great person while being in relationships. :P

    Cameron sucks. :D

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    • Dic 17 2009, 3:37
    Man, everyone sure hates cameron.... I actually like her!
    Neither is really a great combination..... even though i have to admit i did kinda like house and cameron together. it was semi-"cute" yet odd at the same time.

  • House is too old, and too... acrimonious ? to be with Cameron..
    And she is gone ;D
    So.. House should be with Wilson
    or with Cuddy, but I like Hilson much better ;D

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    • Dic 27 2009, 14:33
    i agree with Wampirzyca88

    complex music taste
  • lol Everybody hates Cameron, I really like her xD and I used to like the idea, cause I love both characters and it was cute in my point of view. She was so sweet with him and he so rude, didn't know how to act, it was fun to watch xD I think he kinda liked her too, in his way but he did. However, I've always knew it was so unlikely, and would be very weird and boring if happened, but I've always loved their dynamic. When they kissed each other was really awkward and sexy at the same time haha, better than any kiss that House had with Cuddy.
    Have this impression that Cameron never ceased to like him, but she realize it was impossible and stupid keep trying, so just move on.

    I never liked the huddy thing...

    Actually I think i'm not a big fan of this romance stuff.

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