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    • Ott 29 2008, 15:25


    Born in the wake of a series of personal tragedies, sanctimonious late night speeches about reaching true potential and ice cold beers, the first Surf Rap song in the history of mankind materialized by Louis Logic and Copenhagen production syndicate Nobody Beats the Beats. Naturally, as was the case with man's first walk on the moon, something so exciting could not simply be explored once. Or rather, it could, but this trio was determined, neigh, bent on reshaping the rap game into something silly enough to enjoy once again. So it was that in this the year of our lord 2008, Spork Kills would rise to fame as the Fathers of Surf Rap. Spork Kills "Beaches Love Us" EP & "Night of the Hip 'N Dead" Video Coming October 2008 www.sporkkills.com COOLER THAN COWBOYZ!!!

    Download the first single, "Black Widow," here: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=4AHGTE2S

    For more songs and info about Spork Kills, add the group on Facebook and MySpace!

    MYSPACE LINK: www.myspace.com/sporkkills
    FACEBOOK LINK: http://www.new.facebook.com/pages/Spork-Kills/29475779234?ref=ts

    • samiha ha detto...
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    • Nov 10 2008, 2:16

    check out the latest crazy update from louis logic about his life and spork kills!

    well, not lately. they used to be. i've been devoting so much time to spreading the word about Spork Kills that i'm not raging like i like.

    wait. lemme stop there. this isn't a pity party! i'm enjoying this. it's been so exciting watching such a diverse pool of listeners react to this record. i'm not used to it truth be told. most of the folks who have checked out my records have been largely hip hop heads. being an equal opportunist, i want all you guys to obsess over my creations. well, it would also be cool if you just checked 'em out, but obsessing is nice.

    this is an obession face:

    so, for this weekend, i think i will play piano, eat indian food (saag paneer and veg samosas to be specific), pet small dogs (of which i have 3), sleep in and who knows... maybe i'll even have a beer or ten with one of my tenants who's been away living in Nantuckett for 6 months came back a couple nights ago (his name's Jonny). i was at a Decemberists concert when he got there. what a show! i talked the poor guy's head right off his neck about it when i got home. he was all excited to see me and i was all, "then colin called someone from this girl in the front row's phone and sang a whole song to them!" oh brother. people are always writing to me and saying they feel goofy, like fanboys(girls). look who's feeling dorky now!

    slumped over in shame

    anyone notice that this is the back of the same tom waits shirt i'm wearing above on a different day? no grey thermal under the shirt in the first pic. makes it look like i don't have many clothes.

    speaking of feeling dorky.. i used to know this DJ in toronto called Dorc, which is the french style of "c" for "k". DJ Dorc. hahahaha! i don't even know if he was a good DJ, but he had me at Dor"c". that's priceless. so i don't know how many people who are looking at this thing are from my old blog at myspace, but i'm trying something different here. i'm just gonna log in and write when i feel like talking.

    i figured it might make it easier for me to share more often and give it a more personal feel than if i'm always waiting till i have some big news. not that my having indian food this weekend isn't big news. it's big news for me. i've been eating swiss chocolate from the swiss houseguest i just had and ramen noodles for a week. i'm a grown ass man (G.A.M.) and i been eating like that. what's sad is that i have a fridge and pantry full of whole foods and trader joe's shit. i keep eating the crap cause it's fast and i don't wanna stop working. maybe this is how rockers are always so scrawny. well, don't expect any calendar shots of louis all greased up with his shirt off. not that anybody's lining up for that! it'd only be an exercise in rib counting. i got about.... let's see... NO muscles. thank heaven for all those skinny rock kids. i'd never fit in without 'em! look at this ridiculous photo of me i found on facebook from this indie film in which i acted for close friend/director Jed I. Rosenberg...

    yuck! even i'm grossed out by that and it's mine! no, not the mustache. although it is pretty creepy. it's acting, folks! i was acting like i liked the stache! alright. i better hop. i'm starting to get dum-ber. that's what happens when you overshare. well when i overshare anyway. see yew soon.


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