Hi guys... so what gigs have you been to this year?

  • Hi guys... so what gigs have you been to this year?

    I managed (with my limited funds) to catch the gigs below. Most were pretty awesome!


    Shout Out Louds *****
    Death Cab for Cutie *


    The Raconteurs ***


    My Latest Novel ****
    Guillemots *
    Morningwood ****
    Gomez ***
    José Gonzalez ****
    The Knife ***
    We are Scientist **
    Beck *****
    The Pipettes *****
    The Dears **
    Dirty Pretty Things ***
    The Spinto Band *****
    The Raconteurs *****
    Roni Size ***
    Massive Attack *
    Midlake ***
    Arctic Monkeys *****
    Yeah Yeah Yeahs ****
    Belle & Sebastian *****
    Daft Punk ****

    DJ Shadow **
    Cut Chemist ***


    The Duloks *****
    The Pipettes *****


    Micah P. Hinson *****


    CSS *****
    The Rogers Sisters *****
    1990s ***

  • Wow i'm jealous, i haven't been to alot, there isn't that many gigs round here. I saw feeder and went to Leeds for a day (meh). Hoping to go to more when I can drive lol.

  • Yeah I live near Newcastle so the gigs kinda come to us!

  • Not many. Devon has no gigs, but:
    V Festival (Radiohead, Beck, Bloc Party, Bombay Bicycle Club, Art Brut, The Young Knives, We Are Scientists, Divine Comedy (Man Eater was genius) and other people who I can't actually remember),
    We Are Scientists,
    Razorlight (boo!),

    Money is also an issue!

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    • Feb 14 2007, 8:55
    Cut chemist was an awesomely great gig. i also managed to catch rancid and metric in the same week.

  • Yeah I saw Cut Chemist supporting DJ Shadow. Chemist was awesome but Shadow was well disappointing. Seems the boy has sold out.

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    • Feb 15 2007, 18:18
    Oh no thats a bit rubbish. i missed Shadow this time around but caught cut chemist headlining in manchester. it was definatly one of the best gigs of last year.

    When did the knife play? And Beck?

  • wow i love the pipettes :)
    yeah its kind of hard to get to gigs where i live too, though V festival is round the corner so ive been going there for years :D

  • I can't remember all of them but here's a few...

    Twice a man
    Twice a man
    Wildbirds and Peacedrums
    The Tiny
    Marit Bergman
    Wildbirds and Peacedrums
    Anna Ternheim
    Twice a man
    Timo Räisänen
    Håkan Hellström

    I think thats all... Im pretty proud of this list cause im just a 13yearold kid XD

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