• Favorite songs of my Top10

    Lug 24 2006, 23:13 di Yojinbo

    #1 Children of Bodom
    They are one of my all time favorites. I can listen to them in almost every mood. Maybe that's why they're so high in my charts. But I haven't listened to them a lot during the last months. Maybe because I was disappointed by there new album.
    However my Top5 are:
    1 - Warheart
    2 - Children Of Decadence
    3 - Angels Don't Kill
    4 - Mask Of Sanity
    5 - Hatebreeder

    #2 Kamelot
    Kamelot are the first metal band that ever crossed my way. Somehow I got to their homepage where I downloaded some mp3s. I was so amazed, that I bought "Epica" and "The Black Halo". They are still one of my favorite power metal bands.
    Top5 Tracks:
    1 - Karma
    2 - Decend Of the Archangel
    3 - Forever
    4 - III Ways To Epica
    5 - Nothing Ever Dies

    #3 Blind Guardian
    An awsome band. I like nearly all of their songs. Period.
    My Top5 after a lot of thinking are:
    1 - And Then There Was Silence ...
    2 - The Bard's Song - In The Forest
    3 - Punishment Divine
    4 - Another Holy War
    5 - Bright Eyes

    #4 Finntroll
    Their music is awsome for partying and a mix of dancing and moshpit. They combine very rough black metal elements with folk. A perfect trollish mixture.
    My all time favorites:
    1 - Försvinn Du Som Lyser
    2 - Eliytres
    3 - Slaget vid blodsälv
    4 - Trollhammaren
    5 - Grottans Barn

    #5 Haggard
    I have been searching for a band which combines classical music with metal for SOOOO long. And there is another awsome thing about them: They combine a female singer who sings opera style and very deep growls. I love that too. If anyone knows a band similar to Haggard, please tell me!
    Oh, and I'd so love to see them live.
    Top5 Tracks:
    1 - Awaking The Centuries
    2 - Of A Might Divine
    3 - Per Aspera Ad Astra
    4 - In A Pale Moon's Shadow
    5 - The Final Victory

    #6 Korpiklaani
    Another humppa metal band and another party band. Music for a pretty similar mood as Finntroll although the music is pretty different. Not so black metal-ish, more like heavy metal with lots of humppa!
    My Top5:
    1 - Journey Man
    2 - Cottages And Saunas
    3 - Happy Little Boozer
    4 - Beer Beer
    5 - Wooden Pints

    #7 Schandmaul
    A German folk/medieaval rock band. I like them a lot but I'd never have thought I listen to them so much. I don't even have so many songs by them, I think.
    My Top5 are:
    1 - Die drei Prüfungen
    2 - Denk an mich!
    3 - Stein der Weisen
    4 - Seemannsgrab
    5 - Die letzte Tröte

    #8 Equilibrium
    Another great band who write their lyrics in German. One of my favorite pagan metal bands. Very epic, very thoughtful and a bit melancolic in some songs. Then there are other more funny songs (like "Met"). They have yet proven variety.
    My Top tracks are:
    1 - Nordheim
    2 - Widars Hallen
    3 - Wingthors Hammer
    4 - Met
    5 - Shingo Mutara

    #9 Metallica
    Oh, Metallica, yes ... erm. I don't listen to them anymore. Don't know why. Maybe because I know enough better metal bands today. Sometimes I like to hear one or another track by them. But not as frequently as I used to. Still, I own the whole discography and they have some pretty ace songs.
    My favorites are:
    1 - One (from S&M)
    2 - Master of Puppets
    3 - Sanitarium (Welcome Home)
    4 - For Whom The Bell Tolls (form S&M)
    5 - Whiskey in the Jar

    #10 Rhapsody or Rhapsody of Fire
    Film score metal, huh? ;)
    I think that describtion fits pretty well. Very epic and often cheesy power metal band from Italy. I need a dose of epic and cheesy power metal every now and then.
    Here we go a last time with my Top5:
    1 - Dawn of Victory
    2 - Sacred Power Of Raging Winds
    3 - Erians Mystical Rhymewords
    4 - Holy Thunderforce
    5 - The March of the Swordmaster

    Artist connections, yes, because I think someone might find this interesting :P