Free Instrumental Compilation CD

  • Free Instrumental Compilation CD

    The Silent Ballet is proud to present the 6th Volume of The Silent Ballet Compilation Series and invite everyone to download the CD free of charge and share it with as many people as possible. Click the image below to begin listening.

    Volume VI: Cadence

    1. My Education - Bad Vibrations
    2. Last Days - Two Halves of a Line
    3. Morning Stalker - Bromden
    4. GP~00 - Achromatic
    5. Underlapper - Renfield
    6. Strangers Die Every Day - Untitled
    7. Building Castles Out Of Matchsticks - Smile, Silly Face
    8. Beast Please Be Still - The Guys at the Bar Served Murder for a Nightcap
    9. The Shy Trafficker - Ape Will Eat Chicken
    10. The Evpatoria Report - Eighteen Robins Road

    And in case you missed previous volumes:

    Volume V: I Let My Fears Get the Best of Me

    Volume IV: 明天的潮汐

    Volume III: Unfolding a Broken Heart

    Volume II: Acquiescence and Oblivion

    Volume I: Poetry Without Words

    -The Silent Ballet Staff
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