Gotye's performance at Prince Band Room

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    • Nov 25 2006, 7:53

    Gotye's performance at Prince Band Room

    Ok, I saw Gotye at Prince Band Room in St kilda last night (24/11/06) and he was just amazing. So amazing in fact that I had to open this group up because there wasn't a pre-existing group that I would have been able to show how impressed I really was.

    I went in and saw him, only knowing a few songs such as 'out here in the cold' and 'what do you want?' from his album 'boardface' and 'thanks for your time' off his new album 'Like Drawing Blood' - but my friend bought me a ticket because I had expressed interest. Even though I only knew a few songs I had an awesome night. He was so excited to see so many people turned up to see him play and he had a huge grin on his face the whole time.

    He also had streaming visuals the entire time which added to the experience, as I am not very tall and so as the people around me moved, I didn't always have a clear view (or view at all).

    The only thing that was a bit frustrating was the fact that I couldn't hear him singing sometimes because of the audience around me singing so loudly over him on softer songs - shattered - but that's not his doing.

    If you get the chance you should check him out. I hear he is playing at pyramid. Has anyone else seen him? What are your thoughts about his show? If you haven't and you get the chance then you should really check him out.

  • =[

  • Yeah, he put on a fantastic show, great performer.

  • I was lucky enough to catch him at Homebake - although it was cut short, it was a brilliant performance.

    There was Wally himself on vocals (using a Madonna mike!), live drums, sample and keyboard; then a string quartet, bass, electric guitar, and a crazy dude on the big screen visuals (he had a fantastically fluffy hat on and a Persian rug draped around him like a cape). Later on in the set, 2 female backing vocalists emerged and another dude came out and took over the keyboard side of things.

    The set opened with just Wally himself on the stage, then gradually as the songs progressed, more and more musicians joined him on stage. Given that this was one of Goyte's first live performances, it took aaaaaaaages for them to set up all the equipment, which meant that they had to cut the set short by about 10 mins. Despite this, the crowd was fully getting into the tunes and singing along with their favourites.

    Gotye certainly got some great live exposure - during his set, the heavens opened and it ABSOLUTELY bucketed down with rain. This sent heaps of people cramming into the Big Top tent.

    Ive been a bit of a Gotye nut ever since hearing Thanks For Your Time on the J's a few years back. Was great finally seeing the album actually performed live!

    Highly recommended!

  • totally fantastic show.. love him too :)
    he is a really down to earth guy as well.. i bought a t-shirt that night but when i got it home it was too small. so i emailed him the next day to ask whether he would swap it for me.. got a reply the next day personally... stoked :)

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    • Dic 6 2006, 12:04
    Yeah definately is down to earth, really genuine - as I said in earlier posts, the big smile on his face as he looked out to the audience tipped me off that he was.

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    • Dic 9 2006, 8:07
    I caught him at homebake too, drove all the way from melbourne ;). he was my favourite of the day, i've been wanting to see him for a while now. He was incredible! I was looking through his website, and saw an "email wally" button, so i thought why not! The next day he emailed me back personally, i was stoked :P. He said he's hoping to perform in melbourne again in a few months, and he wants the show to be, and i quote, "wanna put on something really special, theatre/cabaret/sideshow style".
    i look forward to that very much!

    No i don't wanna think of you anymore, goodnight, tonight, goodbye.
  • The Basics?

    You guys checked out Wally's other band, The Basics?


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