How'd you get into screamo?

  • How'd you get into screamo?

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    For me it's a bit tough. Two years ago a pal of mine said that Algernon Cadwallader was playing a show near us and told me to listen to them. Back then I used torrents, and on the same torrent of their 'Some Kind of Cadwallader' album I got a Lion of the North EP (this was completely on a whim). I thought both bands were marginally cool. But Lion of the North was such a weird sound to me I had no idea how to tag them in my iTunes. I put it as Metalcore (minus 12 skramz pts)

    A bit over a year ago I found out about Victor! Fix The Sun through someone's page. I thought it was really awesome and unique. Through them I listened to La Dispute, but I didn't really like them. At around the same time my friend showed me Circle Takes the Square, and I found out about A Lot Like Birds. Over the few following weeks I found that all of these bands were connected some way or another in the similar artists feature. I gave Merchant Ships and Native a listen, and from there I never turned back.

    So basically, Lion of the North was the first screamo band I listened to, but Victor! fix the sun got me into screamo.

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    • Nov 1 2011, 21:18
    I used to frequent Deviant Art Music Forums when I was like 13 and some guy was like hey check out my punk screamo band and I was like okay cool and it was Maths. first Skramz band I had gotten into I guess? Kinda cool since they are relatively big now for what they are doing? I don't know I still love them. Then, around the same time, myspace dayz when I was also 13, maybe just turned 14 or some shit, I don't know or give a fuck, Silverstein had in their influences Mineral, At the Drive In, and some other cool bands? Probably The Promise Ring, too. I downloaded some torrent that had all of these emo bands in it and Saetia was in it so I was like oh this is kinda cool I guess. My freshman year of high school I was big onto music blogspots and shit too so I found all these other bands like Toru Okada,Funeral Diner, and Kodan Armada. I mean fuck, if we want to go back to the root of all what got me interested in screaming music, Hawthorne Heights, Silence in Black in White. Rep it all day. Shits awesome. Not skramz at all whatever. Fuck it. I used to play in metalcore bands anyways so fuck it.

  • Maths were actually my first screamo band too, kinda cool.

    Basically my freshman year of highschool I was super into the hardcore that was coming out of England and the greater UK, so I heard about Holy Roar releasing a split between two bands. One was a hardcore band named Throats, and the other was Maths.

    I knew Maths were a different beast than most of the hardcore I had tackled previously, and I really liked what they played, but didn't really do much research about that until I heard that they had covered some band named Jeromes Dream.

    Almost simoultaneously I had been working my way forward in 80's hardcore, and due to an obsession with Dischord had found my way to bands like Embrace/Rites of Spring/Dag Nasty/Gray Matter. I sort of zeroed in on emo as a whole from one of its newest releases and some of its oldest releases within a week from each other.

  • When I was in like, 6th grade, someone recommended Saetia on /mu/, and I checked them out.

    I went from Saetia to Raein, Dance Gavin Dance, Amanda Woodward, Portraits of Past, and one of my all-time favorite bands, The Kodan Armada. :)

  • I got into it late in the game. But I found out about Portraits of Past on some random site about emo and decided to look up. I heard Implications of a Sinkhole Personality and fell in love. It really cliched with my Hardcore Punk sensibilities.

  • pissflowers said:
    I went from Saetia to...Dance Gavin Dance

  • A guy posted Orchid's "Chaos Is Me" on /mu/ about a year ago. Asking people what there favrioute screamo band was, I torrented it and i just explored from there.

  • pissflowers said:
    6th grade, someone recommended Saetia on /mu/ /quote]

    what the heck were you doing on /mu/ in 6th grade?

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    • Gen 14 2012, 20:28
    My friend messaged me on facebook and said, "Hey, you like Black Sabbath right? You should listen to this band called Orchid." He was referring to the doom metal band, but when I searched for Orchid, and I found the screamo band. At first I was like, "what the hell, this sounds nothing like Black Sabbath." and I stopped listening to it. But for some reason I kept coming back and listening to them more, and I eventually downloaded "Chaos is Me" and "Dance tonight Revolution tomorrow". I listened to them a lot and I loved it. So then I went on the Orchid station and found other awesome screamo bands there. But it makes me mad that when they play Orchid on that station they play the doom band xD

  • Orchid were my first. Found them right here on And they are bettered only by (if you count them as Screamo) Touché Amoré. Through these bands I found Loma Prieta and La Dispute. I need more good Skramz though. Always searching.

  • If you can listen to Orchid, Pg.99 and Circle Takes the Square then you've covered most screamo, just gets excessively underground and pointless from then on. I guess Envy and pianos became the teeth if you're interested in the whole thing.

  • My first was The vidablue, when I was probably 14. I used to love mathcore, metalcore, things like Heavyheavylowlow and Daughters, and when lurking around on myspace I came across The Blue Letter who had listed the vidablue as an influence. I found them once and thought it was absolutely amazing, that I had finally found my niche in hardcore after listening to shitcore before... only to go to look them up again and find Phil Collin's or whoever the fuck is in Phish's side-project called The Vida Blue. Eventually found the real vidablue and iwrotehaikusaboutcannabalisminyouryearbook after a while.
    You make cool threads james


  • Found CityCop. on /mu/. Seasons was incredibly great, and never went back. Some of my favourites right now are Yaphet Kotto, Kidcrash (although they're more post-hardcore-ish), Native, Caravels, Suffocate For Fuck Sake, Who Calls So Loud, Aussitot Mort, fuckin' Gospel, Sed Non Satiata, City Of Caterpillar, Lizards Have Personalities and Suis La Lune.

  • My good friend dylanafghjkl (doorstuck) gave me some music and told me to listen to Orchid, he saved me from my plebeian ways.

  • Back in 2009 I met Kidcrash, few months later I got into Orchid. Now I'm deaf.

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    • Apr 13 2013, 16:25
    I was looking for more music with really emotional and passionate lyrics and I found La Dispute and Touché Amoré that someone had reblogged on tumblr, and then I was introduced to and it's helping me find the bands that aren't really known.

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