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How are there no genderqueer groups on

is a catch-all term for gender identities other than male and female. People who identify as genderqueers may think of themselves as being both male and female, as being neither male nor female, or as falling completely outside the gender binary. Some wish to have certain features of the opposite sex and not all characteristics; others want it all.

Some genderqueer people see their identity as one of many possible genders other than male or female, while others see "genderqueer" as an umbrella term that encompasses all of those possible genders. Still others see "genderqueer" as a third gender to complement the traditional two, while others identify as genderless or agender. Genderqueer people are united by their rejection of the notion that there are only two genders.

Note: Some of the artists I added to the artist connections are not actually genderqueers, but merely use genderfuck in their performance/image. But some of them really are genderqueers. Some of them are also bands with androgynous members, or bands/artists that I can imagine being genderqueer-friendly. If you have any suggestions for more artists to add, please let me know.

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