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    Obscure Music Game

    Twas requested that this game be linked to its group for its volume...Since this game requires an entire group to be played, it will be promoted and stats will be posted here as well as in the main group. Sort of an "obscure artist/unsigned artists game" check it out and judge for yourself....

    Welcome to Obscure Music Game

    The object of the game is to avoid being kicked out for listening to music that the other members are familiar with. You get to be champion by becoming the oldest surviving member, then it's your turn to kick other members out. Best player over 30 rounds becomes season champion. The game is the successor to The Music Elite, with the extra competition of a points system and league table.
    New players.

    Don't be discouraged if you get kicked soon (or often) after you join. It takes some time to get familiar with what music the other players know, so give it a few tries before deciding the game is not for you. Don't worry about joining in the middle of a season, you will be given some starter points to compensate for the rounds you missed. Note that you must have your recently played tracks set to "public" to play this game. If you are unwilling to do so, you should not join.

    The game is played as a series of rounds, each of which is held within 24 hours of it's being opened. A full season consists of 30 rounds. Each round will be carried out by either the current champion, the group leader or occasionally a guest. At some point the member page is opened, and the person doing the round inspects the artist each member is currently listening to, or their most recently listened artist. They then kick out any members whose music falls foul of these rules.

    * If they have heard music before by that artist.
    * If the member has not listened to music in the last 72 hours.
    * if the member is listening to the same band as another member.
    The full rules of the game are explained here.

    if you have any questions you can ask temujin1234. thanks!

  • So basically you'd have to listen to obscure artists 24/7 to win? Surely that would defeat the object of Last.fm if any of your favourite bands were mainstream? You'd have to stop listening to them. Aren't people just going to make fake accounts?

  • Hi, Candyheart33. The idea of the game is to explore artists and styles of music you don't already know in a competitive setting.

    It is up to you exactly how competitive you want to be. There are people who listen to obscure artists 24-7 however there are also people who listen to what they want when they want and get kicked frequently but return many times to take part.

    It is possible to do reasonably well listening to fairly well known artists, you just need to examine the current champions profile and library and avoid music he will know for the duration of his round, and also get a feel for what time the different champions are likely to do their rounds.

  • Ohh I see.

  • Obscure Music Game is now in the final round of the current season. There are still 2 possible champions, and two others contesting the final of our knockout game.

    The game normally takes a one week break before the start of the next season, and during that week, there is a "pre-season friendly" game running for anyone who wants to take part.

    If anyone is interested in trying the game out, this is a good chance to get a feel for how it works without getting kicked out and having to rejoin several times, and also to get to know some of the regular players.

    Everyone is welcome to join the game, and/or Music Knowledge Challenge (similar, but no seasons, league tables or points).

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