• sleep? is that somting u can eat

    btw hi all

  • Staying up late is gooood. I don't like going to bed because I can't sleep and I get borrrred! But I also hate wasting the day in bed when I finally fall asleep! I am ALWAYS up before 11:59 ;)

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    • Mag 25 2007, 22:54
    well again it is 5 minutes to midight and i can see that i wont be going to bed for at least thre hours. And why? Cause i'm gonna sit here by the computer and doing nothin<<

    London = Scotland
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    • Mag 29 2007, 2:21
    3:20 AM .. i am still sitting here, listening to music, getting bored. But i'm not even a bit tired. Now it's time to waste time with thinking about how to waste time!

  • Hi guys, I'm Kevin and I'm not the biggest fan of sleep. The night is definitely the best time to get things done... need to balance your checkbook? clean the house? do the nasty? what better time than night time.

    Besides, the only time my girlfriend can steal her dad's car is past midnight, so I'm usually up pretty damn late.. hope to see you guys for some latenight delerious conversations!

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    • Giu 15 2007, 1:54
    hey guys! right now it's... 2:40 A.M! the group description is the living image of me, so i just had to join... ^^ when i have classes in the morning usually go to sleep from 2 to 4 A.M. and when i don't from 4 to 6 :P. I jus't waste too much time doing everything, so i need these nightly hours... Plus i don't feel sleepy at night, only during the day xD.

    i'm so happy to see there are other ones like me out there!! come on, lets hug! xD

  • lol, thanks for finding the group. Welcome to everyone I've failed to say that too so far.

    *group hug all round*

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    • Giu 16 2007, 8:50
    3:50 am here. *yawn* can't sleep.

  • Is there anyone up around the world?:P
    It's 5:00 am here (Holland), and i don't feel like sleeping yet.

  • i stayed up till 6.30 in the morning last night and woke up at 11 am. so proud of myself ^^

  • Hello everyone
    I'm bored, it's 4:45 am and no one to talk too.

  • I'm sleepy... :(

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    • Lug 12 2007, 22:05
    Hi all,
    I stay up at night and listen to music & hang online on different sites... Doing nothing really... I don't mind being tired in the day since I hate my job and I'm only there to try to avoid the work, haha...

  • Perfect description of myself, didn't know that there are so many people like me :D
    In cause of my job and the fact that it can be really straining I'm trying to go to bed a bit earlier but it doesn't work every day. Anyway, I just can't bring myself to go to bed before midnight (prefer 2-4 am). There's no reason for staying up but there's also no reason for going to bed (except being sleepy the next day xD)

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    • Lug 25 2007, 1:02
    Hello. My name is Jasmine. I'm a college student by day, and a bored postal worker by night.

    While I, sort of, have a reason to be up late, I could be asleep by 3am. Yet, it doesn't happen until 8am, if at all.

    I sleep about 5 hours a week.

    Sleeping is for losers.

  • Hello :)

    I just can't make myself go this 2 steps from my computer to my bed, make this bed only to have to make it again in the morning (because it looks bad undone) and I'm addicted to coffee, I can drink it like juice, anytime, anywhere.

    Ok, that't my heart-gripping story ;)

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    • Ago 18 2007, 20:11
    Hello there, I'm new to this group. Didn't sleep last night again for actually no reason.

  • hi everybody

    i was bored browsing groups and found out about u.

    joined the group at 3:22am

    guess what... lurking around and I should be in bed cause I have to be at work at 9.

    If our Gods and our hopes are nothing but scientific phenomena, then let us admit it must be said that our love is scientific as well. ∞
  • Hey all.

    I'm posting this at 3:30 am. I'm really damn tired too, but I can't seem to pull myself away from the computer. I do love sleep but I can never seem to get it. Thankfully tomorrow I have no classes... I think I'm going to sleep the day away at this rate, haha.

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    • Set 21 2007, 1:21
    Hello! Great group!

    This entire summer I went to bed around 4-5 a.m. For no apparent reason of course. I just like the night more than the day. Even if I go to bed early, I am all sleepy and in a bad mood during the day :P Nevertheless, I love to sleep. But it's a long trip towards the bed. One step. Huh... XD And so my moto became:

    Carpe noctem XD

    *random mumbling in 3:20 a.m.*

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    • Set 29 2007, 8:03
    I always envisioned myself as some kind of absolute freak as I'd actually detest the thought of going to bed early. Seems I'm not alone, which is pretty comforting :)

    Counting sheep DOESNT WORK.

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    • Ott 11 2007, 20:30
    i hate to sleep as much as i love lying in bed awake, listening to music. oh that is so dangerous.

  • Counting sheep DOESNT WORK

    Haha no. The one time I tried that it took me to the late 300s until I eventually gave up and went to pouting instead.

  • Beliyal: That is an awesome signature!! I'm a huge fan of the Cthulhu mythos and H.P. Lovecraft :D

  • Hi folks,

    I'm a 15-year old female from Germany and I want to share my notorious "I don't want to go to bed but I don't want to be totally tired next morning either"-syndrome with other casualties ^^

    It's a really disease - I sit hours and hours in front of my PC or a book and get totally tired, but I stay awake ... Don't wanna sleep ...

    "Dieses Business ist binär. Entweder man ist eine 1 oder eine 0 - Lebendig oder tot." - aus Startup

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