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    Hey my Friends

    I'm a member of FNB Bochum (Germany) and we're working on a meeting of german FNB-Groups and if this connection is a sucess, we will maybe organise an international FNB-Camp or something. But we just started planing, we try to bring the german groups together in early 2008, so there will pass a lot of time until you can expect something 'international'! ;) This summer, there was an FNB-Gathering in the Ukraine, has anyone here been there and can report something? :)

    EDIT: So the gathering-plan seems to be dead :/ There are no german groups :(

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    looking forward for that international meeting :]
    i'm also curious about that ukraine gathering, have you some info? i didnt hear about it

  • A friend of mine met someone from FNB London last week who has been to the Ukraine, but there didn't happen that much, they didn't made any actions, just talked about each others views, opinions and experiences, e.g. that many east-european FNB-Groups seem to buy the food they cook while for example London (and Bochum ;) ) use "other" ways to get the stuff they need and that it's some kind of problematic to make 'politics' on the 'non-cooking-way', with flyers, demonstrations, manifestos and things like that, because for example Russia is a state that acts more repressive than some western nations do. That's everything I know from the Ukraine-Meeting... :/

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