Best song of Fleetwood Mac

  • Best song of Fleetwood Mac

    My favorite song is Sara. But I also like Storms almost as much as I like Sara.

    • jr2280 ha detto...
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    • Gen 22 2008, 5:27
    My Favorite is Everywhere

  • The Chain, without a doubt

  • x____addict escribió:
    The Chain, without a doubt

    Agree with you. =)

    • calefan ha detto...
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    • Giu 13 2008, 2:11
    Yeah, I'd put THE CHAIN high up there . . . but not higher than HYPONTIZED! I also love TUSK!

    • cab2cr ha detto...
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    • Lug 14 2008, 11:30
    My favorites are Seven Wonders and Gypsy. But Tusk and Everywhere are incredible aswell =)

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    • aprlsks ha detto...
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    • Lug 18 2008, 0:33
    Crystal. Underrated in my opinion. What a vocal performance from Lindsey.

  • Though I LOVE every single song by them, I'd have to say right now that Brown Eyes is my favorite. I love Christine McVie. Coming in closely behind that would be Never Going Back Again, The Ghost, Dust, Dreams, Behind The Mask, Emerald Eyes, etc... SO MANY AMAZING SONGS!

  • Right off the top of my head I'd say "Future Games," "Morning Rain," "Sentimental Lady," "The Green Manalishi," "Landslide," and about half of the Rumours album. But that's just me... I'm partial to the Kirwan & Spencer periods, but for sheer songwriting genius it's hard to top Buckingham/Nicks, so they'd be responsible for most of the "best song" contenders, I suspect.

  • It's a tricky one.... Tied between Rhiannon, The Chain and These Strange Times. Goodbye Baby is also a fav. Stevie did it as the last encore last time I went to see them...... brilliant. And Dreams is of course hard to top.

    • topjim ha detto...
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    • Ago 27 2008, 16:48
    The Chain is always the 1st to spring into my mind. I like Tango in the night, It rocks like mental at the end

  • Little Lies has to be my all time favorite, loved it ever since i was little.

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  • I'm not really sure I could pick just one so here's a choice selection of random FM songs that would be up there as my 'favourites':

    I'm So Afraid
    You Make Loving Fun
    As Long As You Follow
    Go Your Own Way
    Silver Springs
    Can't Go Back
    Little Lies
    Hold Me
    Bleed To Love Her
    Isn't It Midnight
    Gold Dust Woman

    Ok so a rather big selection, but it's very hard! It'd probably be a Stevie tune. Silver Springs, Gypsy and Sara all score pretty high for me.

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    • LeCheek ha detto...
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    • Set 19 2008, 6:15
    Gold Dust Woman!!!

    • [Utente eliminato] ha detto...
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    • Set 29 2008, 23:29
    Oh Daddy, Dreams, Songbird

    • [Utente eliminato] ha detto...
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    • Ott 10 2008, 20:38
    Probably either Monday Morning or Gypsy, depending on my mood.

    • aikeli ha detto...
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    • Ott 30 2008, 18:22

  • Go Your Own Way
    & Everywhere

  • Sara and Gypsy are my favourites. Barely any artists even come close to Stevie's lyrical genius and vocal performances.

    • c-oss ha detto...
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    • Dic 17 2008, 20:47

    Too many!

    I generally prefer the Christine McVie tracks
    You Make Loving Fun
    Temporary One

  • Oh Well

  • Hypnotized

    ...or really most of the Bob Welch songs...
    ...oh, and also the Danny Kirwan ones...
    ...and i like Christine's songs too.

    it's tough when a band has had nearly ten singer/songwriters pass through it.

    • sisco45 ha detto...
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    • Feb 10 2009, 16:36
    Little Lies, Everywhere

  • Early Fleetwood Mac (till 1975)
    Oh well
    The green Manalishi

    Fleetwood Mac (as from 1975)
    As long as you follow
    Sara (as well as: Welcome to the room Sara a.k.a. Sara II)

    Roy aka LeReinard
  • Big Love

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