Amazing album by worldmix/folk-rock band Real Ones

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    Amazing album by worldmix/folk-rock band Real Ones

    Real Ones (Real Ones), an amazing live band, has just released a new album. All For The Neighbourhood is a twelve-song long psychedelia-ride with amazing instrumentation and harmonies, lighthearted and summery songs.

    It has recieved spledid reviews already, and the album is worthy of all it's praise. An album with a really sweet mood, cheerful, virtuose. A lot of acoustic instruments (violin, guitar, banjo, mandolin, sitar, harmonica, and creative afro-beat percussion) mixed with the folk-rock alá The Byrds, vocal harmonies alá The Beach Boys, Beatles, and the mixing of influences around the world, Ali Farka Touré, Nusfrat Ali Khan, chinese folk-music. The songwriting is mainly based in the country/folk tradition found in the sixties in England and the US.

    Music video for their first single, Every Dog Has It's Day (an allusion to the hit from The Kinks maybe?)

    These norwegians provide a sound influenced but not copied from their idols, drenched with lyrics as sweet as sugar, and often concerning subjects as solitude, friendship, love and even ethics.
    Their sound is one which'll never stop growing, there's layers of sound, always a new depth to discover, curiosities for musicians and lovers of music. As you might've understood, a real favorite of mine, and a fantastic live experience, a real treat! Maybe that's why they're called The Real Ones?
    Curiosa: The bassplayer is the identical twin of John Lurie, one of the lead roles in the Jim Jarmusch movie Down By Law.
    Real Ones

    Their second single Lonesome Town performed live at Palace Grill in Oslo:

    Leiv Reed
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