Define "Real Hip-Hop"

  • Define "Real Hip-Hop"

    The phenomenon of deeming certain hip-hop as "real" or "fake" is very puzzling to me. What is it, exactly, that makes some hip-hop "fake." Is it subject matter? A stylistic difference?

    Or is it more just, "I like this, so it's 'real' hip-hop and I don't like this so it's 'fake'." Which then leads to the question of what separates "fake" hip-hop from just bad hip-hop?

    • miodan60 ha detto...
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    • Feb 6 2012, 21:32
    it's kinda... obvious.
    And it's a matter of 'inflated' ego, some people probably enjoy feeling better just because of following some magic rules, that are completely senseless for others.

  • Real hip-hop to ME is when an MC takes the mic because he lives and feels for hip-hop. They don't pick up the mic because they want money and fame. Real hip-hop is when you don't care if you blow up or not but you keep on doing it just for the simple fact that you love to do it. Real hip-hop is also based a lot on lyrics. Real hip-hop is music with a meaning not repeating the same lines over and over and trying to disguise it by switching a few words up thinking people won't realize.

  • The difference b/w real and fake is the money, the lyrics and the beats. I can tell as soon as the beat drops if it's real. Subject matter doesn't really matter even though real hip hop is way more diverse. Fake is pretty much the same shit. with the beats too. like teflon said. even if it's the same subject they put in a whole different prospective. as far as not liking someone and considering them fake, at least for me, it's not the case. cuz I don't like Nas or IT but they're real hip hop.

    • [Utente eliminato] ha detto...
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    • Feb 21 2012, 21:16
    Well, i don't think that real hip-hop is a lot of lyrics, i mean, even in old school party rap was a simple stuff what came in lyrics and here's also thing called instrumental hip-hop, yeah, it is hip-hop too, rapping is separately thing. You can't know what is real hip-hop, unless artist himself say so. It's no matter what is the subjects in the tracks, it is not matter is the beats and lyrics always same kind of, it is possible that it is just shortage in the imagination hah.

    I don't have any of idea what kind of fame "teflon_hearted" means, but i don't see nothing wrong in that artist want to get own name in bigger audiences stereos hah i mean, what is wrong in that? And getting money is wrong, why?

  • When taking it mostly to the funk side of the hip-hop, we've got some 'real' and classic groups such as Sugarhill Gang, De La Soul or Run DMC (Mostly 70's and early 80's). When taking it to the lyrics and 'raw' beats, you have some (also real and classic) artists, such as Wu-Tang Clan and A Tribe Called Quest.
    In my opinion, it does exist the 'real' hip-hop, that follows the rules and the roots of hip-hop established by Bambaataa and all the other pioneers and provides an improvement in cultural terms. There does exist the (so called) 'fake' hip-hop, but it could be fake for me, because it doesn't follow my criteria; at the same time it could be real for another person. It depends on the tastes of each person.
    That's also because of this wide diversity that hip-hop assumes that more and more styles keep being introduced into hip-hop (alternative rap, jazz-rap, old-school rap, turntablism, gangsta rap, hardcore rap, g-funk, etc...), considering, maybe, alternative rap, underground and hardcore rap the most real..

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  • For me, it's a sound that displays some kind of understanding and appreciation of the roots and the four "elements", whilst also still pushing the boundaries of creativity and originality with the aim of producing art, not money

    Bin fodder like Shady, Kanye, Fiddy arent hip hop, theyre nothing more than glorified pop. Churning out guff time after time to line their pockets, and the masses duly obey

    • iMax0 ha detto...
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    • Ago 17 2012, 4:48
    Real hip hop is hip hop that exists, opposed to fake hip hop which doesn't exist.
    (What I'm getting at is that hip hop is a matter of taste, and there's no such thing as 'real' or 'fake').

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