Do you want to write an entry?

  • Do you want to write an entry?

    We all know that there are thousands of Kate Bush ripoffs out there, and we can't catch them all. If you know someone that deserves to be in the Hall of Shame and want to write an entry, then do it! Post what you have here, and I or other members will decide if it is worthy enough to be an official entry.

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  • This is what happens when I overthink writing. *facepalm*

    I *was* trying to do something different from just silly bashing...

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    My sad attempt at humor

    do what you wish with this, it's stupid but I had fun creating it (if you accept this use this pic)

    Goldcrapp is shameless pair of rip off electro artists. It get's the name from the last name of it's singer, "A Lie Son" (Allison)
    The pair of thieves released their first album of the dubious name, " I Felt Up The Mountain" in 1999 and have continued to suck Kate's long hard legacy by imitating ever since.

    BUT WAIT! You say. Goldcrapp can't possibly copy Kate as they use electronica as their main medium with forays into Trip Hop. Well it would appear that in order for us not to sniff them out, Goldcrapp abandoned all acoustic instruments in favor of technology, but in their hurry to create careers in music by subtly leeching off Kates Discography they forgot 1 thing. SYNTHS AND ETHEREAL VOCALS!

    These are obvious plagerisms as Kate was using synths back when synths first showed up and she is the absolute authority on breathy vocals. I mean really, "I Felt Up The Mountain" sounds like the messy afterbirth of the beautiful Sensual World. We have our eye on you A Lie Son Goldcrapp and we shall not stand by while you pervert Kates music.

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  • It's less painful than my attempt.

    (and much more viewable than your sig...)

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    but I love my sig. The Fever Ray gif used to be my avatar

  • If anyone cares, PJ Harvey and Bat for Lashes could use entries.

  • During the 90s there were many female singer songwriters that shamelessly stole from Kate Bush. But none were successful in their attempts than Pee Jizz Whorevey or PJ Whorevey (PJ Harvey) as she is most famously known as. Her horrible crimes of ripping off Kate Bush might not have been obvious during the 90s because she is a guitar player and plays alternative rock music. But the fact that she has dark hair and is British like Kate Bush is enough proof at the time to hint at the fact that Whorevey is a Kate rip off.

    In 2007, in the album White Chalk, Whorevey played the piano for the first time and revealed her true colors as a blatant rip off of Kate Bush. While Whorevey tries to justify this by saying that she does not like to repeat herself musically and likes to experiment with different genres of music, we all know that this confirms what we already knew for many years: PJ Whorevey is a sneaky plagiarist of Kate's music, since we all know that Kate is the only female musician in the world creative and genius enough to write songs dealing with dark themes and perform them on a piano! In addition, Whorevey has posed for a magazine with Bdork (Bjork) and Torn Anus (Tori Amos), both of whom are also notorious Kate Bush plagiarizers as well. PJ Whorevey can fool the general public with her generic, disgusting versions of Kate's music, but bitch, you cannot fool us! - a suggestion for a pic :)

  • LOL! Thanks for all these fantastic entries, guys.

  • Schmuck Patdumb is a vocalist who is famous for fronting the shitty bands Mr. Butthole and Fuck No More during the late 80s and 90s( who were credited with being the pioneers of rap metal, but we all know Kate created the genre in her 1982 album The Dreaming) . He was able to bypass our radars for so long due to the fact that he has a penis and is a metal musician...UNTIL NOW! Since the demise of the aforementioned shitty bands he was in, Schmuck has formed other piles of crap such as Suckage, Pissing Tom, Fagtomas and Tomacock among others all which make music such as pop, experimental/avant garde, electronica, jazz all in an attempt to cover his tracks as a Kate Bush plagiarizer but this failed because these genres were covered in Kate's album The Hounds of Love thus making Schmuck both a ripoff and uncreative.

    Schmuck also tries to copy Kate by having a wide vocal range and styles such as scatting, crooning, rapping , falsetto, death metal growls, and beat boxing among other styles. Please Schmuck, Kate can do all this and imitate the sound of the creation of the Earth by reaching the highest note of her four octave voice! If this were not enough to show that he is a ripoff, Schmuck collaborated with fellow ripoffer Bdörk for her 2004 release MeDULLa, which we all know plagiarizes The Hounds of Love as well. Schmuck we have our eye on you and we will not let you defile Kate's honor while you churn out the diarrhea that you dub music!

  • Ludwig van Beethoven is a composer and pianist whom many deem as influential and innovative due to his musically expressive compositions which set the standard for the Romantic era and music to this day. However, we all know that Fuckoven actually rips off Kate Bush and her music. Fuckoven plagiarized Kate's music and piano playing and in order to not get caught, he took a cue from his good friend and fellow Kate Bush plagiarizer Elton John and traveled to the past to release his derivative music and take all the credit for Kate's accomplishments. His "Fur Elise" piece totally rips off "And Dream of Sheep" and his 7th Symphony is a cheap imitation of "Violin" except the crafty prick changed the tempo and structure in order to destroy any evidence that he is a fraud. Beethoven, you stole a whole legacy of music history from Kate, now we will expose you, your thievery and the horrible corruptions of Kate's music you have unleashed unto the world.

    Sorry if it is incoherent. Being awake at 1 am with a cold will do that to you. :)

  • Whorence + the Garbage Machine is an atrocity of a band that is lead by vocalist Whorence Belch who has owed their success to ripping off the almighty Kate Bush. Whorence + the Garbage Machine have tried to evade comparisons to Kate by including harps into the songs on their album "Dungs" hoping that it will make them unique. We know that this is bullshit though because Kate already had a harp on her album "The Sensual World"! If this wasn't bad enough, Whorence has cover up the fact that she rips off Kate by saying that her voice doesn't not sound anything like Kate's, because it's a "soul" voice and she was influenced by Nick Cave and Tom Waits. Once again, Whorence has been caught in a lie since Kate has been singing soul music ("This Woman's Work" anyone?) longer than that poseur ginger. As for Whorence's "influences, it is a well known fact that Nick Cave and Tom Waits have plagiarized Kate's music for many years, which automatically makes Whorence a rip off by default. You can try to cover up your crimes of plagiarism Whorence, but in time we shall reveal the truth to everyone, you lying liar that lies! - picture :)

  • I'll get this entry up soon. I'm too lazy to do it now. :P

  • You mentioned Garbage, so now they probably need an entry too. XD

  • Ok, I posted the Florence thingy. It's about time!

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    Everyone knows that Kate Bush is mother earth, centre of the universe and her music will bring us to eternal life. Sadly being ripped off and copied many times, non more so than Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ doesn't sing because he knows he is awful at singing. The bible is full of things copied from Kate Bush's lyrics which is completely unacceptable.

    Supporting the Sugababes: Past, Present and future.
  • Melanie

    Melanie Safka (known also as Melanie Trampka), quirky American folk singer and Kate's biological mother, is the ultimate Kate Bush-thief. After being cosmically impregnated by Kate's mystical muse-energy in the back offices of RCA Records, she began to absorb fetal-Kate's artistic vision, vocal talent and sassy fashion style from proto-Kate, in uteri. Within hours of Kate's birth, Trampka abandoned her in a Wakehamshire public toilet. The rest is history. History of the greatest song-waif the universe shall ever know.
    Remember, Melanie, even brand new roller skates won't help you run up, or down, that hill. That hill isn't yours, it's Kate Bush's hill. God doesn't make those kind of deals. You will never have that brand new key Kate has given the world.


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