Elvis is alive!

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    • Nov 14 2005, 23:56

    Elvis is alive!

    ...or is he?

    Maybe this will stirr up some discussion!?
    What do you think, did the King just go undercover, to get away from the publicity and live a quiet life, or is he resting in peace in Graceland?

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    • Gen 6 2006, 0:29
    Well, I really believe he is dead...frankly, I don't understand all the obsession with the question if he is dead or not..

    • MaraJade ha detto...
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    • Gen 6 2006, 0:30
    Well, I really believe he is dead...frankly, I don't understand all the obsession with the question if he is dead or not..

    Edit: Damn why can't one delate posts?

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    • Gen 6 2006, 20:39
    Hehe yeah, I also believe that he is dead, was just poking a bit trying to get some action happening in this forum =)
    Amazingly enough there are a lot of people though that think otherwise. I don't know if they are just bored or having a problem with accepting death as a part of life (even for an idol, lol).

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    • Feb 13 2006, 16:38
    No he is alive !!! watch this and belive:

    this isnt the complet video ask me for the complet version !

    my msn: rackajezakon@hotmail.com

  • he is alive drinking coffee next to me hehehehe

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    • Apr 14 2006, 20:06

    Alive No

    I have Contacted Elvis his spirit when I was in deep Trance.

    He was very dead as I spoke to him.

  • Alive Yes

    Hehe, I think there are lots of proves which makes me believe he is alive. I think he is at Hawaii og Island (in Scandinavia). Poor man, he had a rough time. He didn't deserve it at all.

    I once thought he would come back in year 2001 (because he was interessed in numbers. and also because of his openingsong at the concerts, 2001 Also Sprach Zarathustra), but that didn't happen. At least what I know. Hehe. Well, maybe we'll never know if he lived after '77 or not.

  • I think that Elvis is dead today, but I believe he did fake his death on August 16, '77. I've seen a lot of proof that he faked his death, and I'm convinced.

    However, I think that he is dead now, considering he'd be 71 right now and with his drug addiction and weight problems...

  • i wish <3

    !!! I waNna be NotHiN', Cuz NotHin' has EverythiN' !!!
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    • Dic 22 2006, 10:14

    Well, I believe that he is dead now, but there were mystic actions during 1976 and 1978 what made me think about his death (including the Italian mafia). However, I don't think he lives under cover with Jimi Hendrix on Hawaii or something like that...

    But, deep in myself, I wish that he still would be alive and go on tour. *dream*

    have a nice day

  • Elvis didn't do no drugs!

    "No one ever listens to me. I might as well be a Leonard Cohen record."
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    • Feb 24 2007, 8:03
    i like to think so..

    but nah, hes truly dead wich makes me feel sad :(

  • Agent J: You do know Elvis is dead, right?

    Agent K: No, Elvis is not dead, he just went home.

  • One can only hope

    I've seriously never thought about this! But I do not think he's still alive, but like magic_cucumber said I think he might have faked his death in '77, though I would like to hear about those proofs you mentioned?

    - If you swear to keep it decent, then yeah I'll come and see you -
  • always in our hears:)

  • ha no mamen jajajaja

    La mejor manera de librarse de una tensacion es caer en ella.
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    • Giu 19 2010, 8:24
    It's possible. The unexplaine theory of the body sweating in the coffin. Read somewhere a fan wanted to visit Graceland. Climbed over the fence. There was someone sitting in a wheelchair. Then the security guards came to get them. Look around & he was gone. I think he wanted to get out of the business & live a normal life. I believe Priscilla knows more than she tells us perhaps even Lisa Marie

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    • Giu 19 2010, 8:27
    Oh! I forgot to mention the clip from Home Alone. When the mother is at the airport looking to get a flight out & is arguing with the attendant. There's a man waiting in line doing the same action Elvis was doing with his head. You see this man only ones then he is gone. Doesn't talk to anyone

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