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For fans of the Canadian Industrial/Electronic Rockers.

A group for fans of Econoline Crush. It does not matter at all whether you're an old school fan who only likes their early material or a new school fan who only likes their later material. All EC fans are welcome here! And fans of other Industrial Rock bands who aren't that familiar with Econoline Crush? Come on in, too. We'll get you more than aquainted with one of the best bands to come out of Canada from the 90's. Feel free to join the group and use the discussion board as you please.

If you need a reminder, here are all the music videos released by Econoline Crush over the years...

"T.D.M." ('Purge' - 1993)

"Nowhere Now" ('Affliction' - 1996)

"Close" ('Affliction' - 1996)

"Wicked" ('Affliction' - 1996)

"Home" ('The Devil You Know' - 1997)

"Sparkle & Shine" ('The Devil You Know' - 1997)

"All That You Are (X3)" ('The Devil You Know' - 1997)

"Surefire (Never Enough)" ('The Devil You Know' - 1997)

"Make It Right" ('Brand New History' - 2001)

"You Don't Know What It's Like" ('Brand New History' - 2001)

"Dirty" ('Ignite' - 2008)

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