Your favourite ECM album

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    • Mag 23 2010, 22:24
    Jan Garbarek, Officium
    Jan Garbarek, Rites
    Ketil Bjørnstad, The Light
    Keith Jarrett, coeln concert

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    • Lug 19 2010, 3:29
    Jan Garbarek, I Took Up The Runes

    - my first ECM and the one that has had an effect on my own playing and musical sensibility as a drummer

    Nowadays, I dig Tord Gustavsen quite a bit.

    Coincidentally, just came back from a great used record store nearby with $100 worth of original German pressings of a few artists from the 70-80's. Can't wait to clean them up and go for a spin.

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    • Lug 23 2010, 10:24

    TIMELESS by John Abercrombie

    My all-time favorite.

  • don't think this was mentioned, check it out:
    Nik Bartsch's Ronin - Holon

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    • Set 26 2010, 20:36
  • i'll pick 7 of 'em;
    Anouar Brahem - thimar, la pas du chat noir
    John Surman - coruscating
    Ketil Bjørnstad & David Darling - the river, epigraphs
    Ketil Bjørnstad, David Darling, Terje Rypdal, Jon Christensen - the sea I-II

    because I am about to
    eclipse my sun...
    and to collapse
    my star,
    and snuff out
    my flame
    and reach out
    into the void..
    and reach out
    to the void....
    • MickMono ha detto...
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    • Ott 30 2010, 20:04


    Bill Connors - Of Mist And Melting
    Mick Goodrick - in Pas(s)ing
    Charlie Haden/Carla Bley - The Ballad Of The Fallen
    Keith Jarrett - The Survivor's Suite
    ... to be continued

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    • Nov 7 2010, 21:31

    New to ECM

    I'm new to the wonderful record label of ECM but I think my favourite so far is .80/81 by Pat Metheny. Hopefully my next purchase will be My Song ByKeith Jarrett. I can see myself like a lot of the catalogue though.

  • Jack DeJohnette - Special Edition

    My first ECM album back in 1980 something, still one of my favourites.

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    • Nov 19 2011, 22:36
    "Colours of Chloe" Eberhard Weber
    "The River of Anyder" Stefano Battaglia Trio

  • 'The Jewel In The Lotus' by Bennie Maupin is my favourite at the moment (I've just listened to it for the first time) there isn't a weak track on the album.

  • This is a great topic. The albums I would take in the wilderness are:

    Anders Jormin- Ad Lucem
    Dino Saluzzi & Anja Lechner - Ojos Negros
    Arve Henriksen - Cartography
    Paul Bley - Solo in Mondsee
    Ketil Bjornstad & Terje Rypdal - Live in Leipzig

    But of course, there many other great albums or songs that can give so much calm and energy, depending on your life's moods. Great label.

  • The Astounding Eyes Of Rita - Anouar Brahem
    Saltash Bells - John Surman
    Twelve Moons - Jan Garbarek
    Private City - John Surman
    Personal Mountains - Keith Jarrett

  • A year on and I'll add:

    Siwan - Jon Balke & Amina Alaoui
    In Praise of Dreams - Jan Garbarek & Kim Kashkashian

    • hip_cat ha detto...
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    • Ott 8 2014, 8:24

    The Cure (Jarrett, DeJohnette, Peacock)

    I cannot remember if this was my first ECM album, but many more did follow. It was given to me as a birthday present by a good friend and eventually it did get me hooked up on jazz and (to a lesser extend) contemporary music.Years later I managed to catch a live gig by the trio and it sent shiver down my spine. Unforgettable.

    Still love to listen to it.

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