Don't get your hopes up, it's from The Sun but...

  • Don't get your hopes up, it's from The Sun but...

    CARL BARAT tells me he and ex bandmate PETE DOHERTY have busy been putting their heads together to get a date in for THE LIBERTINES reunion next year.

    BABYSHAMBLES frontman Pete has made no secret of his desire for his old band to reform.

    And Carl says the pair have been discussing plans at length over the phone in recent weeks.

    Carl said: “Lots of people have come up to me saying a reunion would be a good idea. And I do think so too.

    “I’d love to do it. It was a good band.

    “I don’t want to just do gigs. I want to make new material.”

    “We haven’t got a date yet but it will happen if Pete stays on his current trajectory.”

    “Pete’s very keen and persuasive. He rings me up and tells me he going to keep on the straight and narrow.”

    Carl has recently made a move into acting and his new film Telstar also opens the Notting Hill Film Festival tonight.

    He plays 1950s rocker GENE VINCENT in NICK MORAN’s new flick about the crazy life of music guru JOE MEEK which also stars JUSTIN HAWKINS, JAMES CORDEN and RALF LITTLE.

    Carl says: “It was fun to film. I was so nervous but it’s definitely given me the acting bug so I’m now going to have some lessons so I can try and do a bit more at a later date.’

    Why I'm skeptical:
    1. Carl (and Pete) prefers NME, does he not? I feel he would much rather tell them any news before something like The Sun.

    2. It's The Sun! Notorious for being complete asswipes!

    3. Did I mention The Sun? Yes.

    4. Pete hasn't been exactly "on the straight and narrow path" until like... last month.

    5. Why would acting make our Carlypants skeptical? He was a theater major in university.

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