ATTN: People who have never heard the band ONE LAST WISH

  • ATTN: People who have never heard the band ONE LAST WISH

    So Dischord is offering free mp3 downloads with their vinyl releases now. A few years ago I bought One Last Wish's CD "1986"--at the time, no LP was available. Recently it came out on vinyl and I bought the record. I paid for this album twice, and I have the CD therefore I have no use for the mp3 download.

    So the first person who reads this and wants this kickass album for free should go to and enter this case-sensitive 12-digit code:


    This is seriously one of my favorite albums ever and I highly recommend it. 3/4 of the lineup of Rites of Spring. Just as good as ROS if you ask me, just slower and more melodic. "My Better Half" is probably the best song to come out of the entire Revolution Summer era. Band members have also been part of SOA, Embrace, The Faith, Deadline, Happy Go Licky, Fugazi.

    Enjoy! If you're the lucky winner, be sure to post your thoughts about the album here. If the code doesn't work, it means somebody else has already claimed it.

    • xNoMorex ha detto...
    • Utente
    • Giu 12 2009, 6:08
    This is a fantastic album.

    I never gave a second thought.
    • stoobles ha detto...
    • Utente
    • Lug 20 2009, 10:31


    One Last Wish - 1986
    Thanks for donating this album! As a long time fan of dischord esp. minor threat, embrace, fugazi, it is easy to feel where this album fits in the time line. it is vaguley embrace and vaguely fugazi - a pleasant blend of both.
    I'll definately have this in the playlist for a while and will be looking out fo ROS and Faith a bit further down the line.

    Thanks again - this random act of kindness has made my day!

  • Glad someone finally claimed this.

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