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    • Set 29 2007, 2:07


  • man.. that's a different cover from IE and MI.. sorta looks like Celine Dion but much better ahah.. I would much rahter have the In this life Single cover for the album title IMO that one is nicer.. but that's just me.. she looks good either way...

  • That's a nice one... can't wait, but as they said in the official message board, I miss her logo.

  • Oh, how exciting. The tracklist sounds interesting. The cover is ... plain. Miss the typical "Delta Goodrem" style to it. Hm.

  • Speaking of Celine Dion I heard that Delta has co-written a song for Celine's new album which will be great for launching Delta in the US and Canada.

  • I don't like the font...it's too large and overpowering. I like the headshot though.

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    • Ott 20 2007, 0:00

    go get the new ablum instores today (australia), i got it yesterday ;D through connections lol

  • The new album is absolutely amazing. And although I thought it would probably not be as good as the first two (after listening to the B-Sides and the three preview songs) I really changed my mind now. Beautiful, beautiful album. Possessionless, I Can't Break It To My Heart and Brave Face are my faves :)

  • I totally agree with MindShake and it's such a BEAUTIFUL album!! and it's really amaaazing!
    I really love the songs, especially Believe Again. I must have heard that soooo many times. There are some unbelievably BEAUTIFUL songs Delta has done recently, another one I really love is "Breathe in breathe out", and "I can't break it to my heart".

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    • Ott 10 2008, 18:42
    I love it!! All songs from it are great! Of course Delta Goodrem is a great singer, but this album is only amazing! <3

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    • Ago 14 2011, 2:33
    Brilliant album. I only wish Take Me Home and Right Here In My Heart were included in the default tracklist.

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