Master banned from USA

  • Master banned from USA


    Not content with groping children, American TSA agents kick Master out of the country, forcing cancellation of the 2011 Master USA tour

    "The police came to explain that the visa waiver program didn't apply to musicians...The guys were escorted to the plane by four police officers and returned their passports when we arrived in Amsterdam."

    Master flew all the way here to the USA from the Czech Republic and were turned away on a technicality. Why, because they're "terrorists"? Unlikely. It takes five seconds of Googling to figure out these dudes have been doing this for thirty years and haven't blown up any New York landmarks yet.

    How long do we take this security charade lying down? It's one thing when they have to do a body cavity search on grandma, grope your wife, confiscate your pocket knife or blow up your 3.2 oz of toothpaste. But now they're fucking with death metal, and we shouldn't tolerate this shit.

    Master tour destroyed by American TSA agents

    MASTER tour crushed by TSA paranoia (NSFW, praises Islam)

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    • Mag 6 2011, 19:00

    • [Utente eliminato] ha detto...
    • Utente
    • Nov 28 2011, 7:52
    I never even heard of this happening... That's some bullshit.

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