• Diversant:13 - Glamour And Pathos EP (2010)

    Mag 31 2010, 0:45 di bloodlite

    Synthematik presents a provocative EP release from one of the top Belarusian harsh EBM / industrial acts Diversant:13.
    Гламур И Пафос [Glamour And Pathos]” offers the listener four original dance floor-ready tracks fully packed with harsh electro energy and sharp guitar riffs. The tongue-in-cheek lyrics reflect the band’s critical view on what is going on in and around the modern dark music scene which is full of shitty wannabe DJs, stupid glamorous chicks and other pathetic scum today. The musicians are asking why real feelings and emotions do not count anymore. Why have they been replaced with glamour and pathos? Why do people care only about having fun, parting hard and changing facebook statuses? You think these songs are about someone else somewhere far away? No. These songs are all about YOU!
    This harsh electro demarche against the glamourification is supported by killer remixes from Zweifelhaft (RUS), |De:Source| (RUS), Dirty Bird 13 (UKR), NANOBIONICS (BLR) and Psyq (BLR). As a confirming kill you will get a brutal cover version of the title track by the Ukrainian deathcore / industrial maniacs Ungrace!

  • Control Alt Deus - Aftermath

    Mag 18 2010, 13:30 di psenough

    enrmp245 - Control Alt Deus - Aftermath

    EP of hellektro / harsh electronics by Portuguese project Control Alt Deus. Previously also available as limited edition cdr and paid download through bandcamp, now free for download.

    download link
  • Empfehlung des Hauses

    Mag 6 2010, 0:18 di de_spy

    Nicht aus der Harsh Electro-Ecke, aber dennoch sehr, sehr empfehlenswert erscheint eine Neo-Old School/Dark Electro-Compilation aus dem Hause Electro Aggression Records. Dabei handelt es sich um ein kleines Ein-Mann-Indielabel aus den Staaten, das sich zum Ziel gesetzt hat, wirklich authentische Düster-Elektronik und komplexen EBM an die Leute zu bringen.

    Nader, der Betreiber des Labels, träumte bereits seit Jahren davon, eine wahrlich beeindruckende Compilation zusammenzustellen und zu veröffentlichen. Mit viel Herzblut und getrieben von seiner Begeisterung für alternative, elektronische Musik der alten Schule hatte er es im Dezember 2009 geschafft: dank der Kooperationen mit verschiedensten Bands ist die "Old School Electrology Vol. I" für satte 4 CDs zusammengestellt!

    Jedoch ist dies immernoch nur ein Schritt auf dem Weg zur Veröffentlichung. Um diese zu verwirklichen, braucht es mindestens 100 Vorbestellungen, da die Produktionskosten vergleichsweise exorbitant hoch ausfallen. Dafür wird aber auch feinste Qualität geboten. Die auf insgesamte 800 Exemplare limitierte Box beinhaltet nicht etwa das Standardmaterial der beteiligten Bands, sondern viele exklusive oder rare Stücke - insgesamt sind es 81 Tracks für über 5 Stunden Lauschvergnügen! Hinzu kommt ein 36 Seiten starkes Booklet. Alles liebevoll zusammengestellt und aufeinander angepasst.

    Dies klingt nun alles nach toller Werbung und ja, zum Teil ist es dies auch. Aber es geht hier vor allem auch um die Unterstützung eines Projekts, in das ohne Ende Energie gesteckt wurde. Kurz vor der Ziellinie liegt das Überqueren derselben und damit das Ergebnis dieses Projektes nun aber in den Händen der Fans und Supporter.

    So spread the word!

    Mehr Infos über Label, Projekt, Tracklist und Preis gibt's bei Electro Aggression Records @MySpace. Zumindest einen Blick drauf werfen lohnt sich echt!

  • review - 9/10 - “Heroine (Revisited Trance und Tanz)”

    Apr 7 2010, 16:59 di Adinferna



    Artist: Ad Inferna
    Title: Heroine (Revisited Trance Und Tanz)
    Format: Digital CD
    Label: Ionium Records
    Genre: Electronic, Trance
    Release date: May 3, 2010

    Before the release of the new Ad Inferna album “DSM”, set to be released in fall of 2010, the band releases this digital-only collection of remixes from band such as Colony 5, Supreme Court and C-Lekktor. Mastered by wellknown Kolja aka Soman, this release includes a total of 12 tracks. Enough with the chit-chat, give me some music! All the original version is included on their latest studio album “Trance:N:dance”.

    This release starts out slow with the atmospheric “Injektion” and invites you to this club attack before the ride really begins with “Suicide Girl”, in the shape of an Heroine Remix. The track is fast-paced with heavy beats and a highly addictive sound structure of electronic elements. This theme is followed through the entire album and the title clearly states what to expect. It’s packed with striking melodies just as “Trance N Dance” but with heavier beats. Though, all guitars are drastically dropped or removed completely compared to the album version which I think makes a better approach. Note that the included remix of the Visage-classic “Fade To Grey” is presented in a much more enjoyable version this time.

    Their music derives from so many different styles that makes it difficult to put them to only one style, like Electronic, Trance, EBM, Futurepop or even Industrial and Gothic, and I don’t see anything wrong with that. Why should any artist be put in a box? My conclusion is that this release has a much greater impact on me then the album. It’s an excellent release with many club-smashers and infectious melodies that will for sure make you wanna move your feets.


    01. Injektion
    02. Suicide Girl (Heroine Remix)
    03. Transcendez L’Extase (Extatik Remix)
    04. Vertige (Klub Remix)
    05. SM 4 SM (Mega Remix)
    06. You As My Own Drug (For Klubs)
    07. Redemption (DJ Edit)
    08. Metamorphose (For Klubs)
    09. Fade To Grey (Micky Noise vs Ad Inferna)
    10. SM 4 SM (Supreme Court Remix)
    11. SM 4 SM (C-Lekktor Remix)
    12. Vertige (Hitchcock Remix by Colony 5)
  • Alpha Point - High Like The Angels CDM (2010)

    Apr 4 2010, 23:26 di bloodlite

    EN: Synthematik proudly presents a new maxi-single by the rocking futurepop project Alpha Point!
    'High Like The Angels' is a follow-up to Alpha Point's successful debut single 'Alive' which has been downloaded more than 7000 times in the first two months. Needless to say that it gathered posisitive reviews in press as well.
    The new maxi-single contains two original tracks - 'High Like The Angels' and 'God's Anger (single version)'. Both tracks are sure to win the hearts of fans of melodic and catchy futurepop mixed with powerful guitars!
    In addition, the single offers a trance-fueled version of the title track and three remixes delivered by Personal Space and [systemshock].

    01. High Like The Angels03:35
    02. God’s Anger (Single Version)04:04
    03. High Like The Angels (Devildance Mix by [systemshock])05:07
    04. High Like The Angels (Cuttin’ Wings Mix by Personal Space)06:15
    05. High Like The Angels (Relaxed Mix)04:44

    Rush – vox, programming
    Sergiu Vatavu – guitars
    Perfomed & produced by Alpha Point
    Recorded & mixed by Viorel Tiganas
    Mastered by Rush @ SMT Studio
    Artwork by Satalex
    Promo vid by A.G.
    [systemshock] (RUS):
    Personal Space (RUS):

    Prelisten: Synthematik
    Direct link (MP3 320): Get it!
    By track (MP3, VBR, OGG):
    Oldsk00l mirrors (MP3 320): Rapidshare / Rghost
    FLAC, ALAC and other formats (Name your price!):

    Alpha Point: website / myspace / vkontakte / facebook /

    Synthematik: website / myspace / vkontakte / facebook / twitter / reverbnation
  • Listen to "Metamorphose for Klubs" & "SM 4 SM [ Supreme Court RMX ]" now !

    Apr 2 2010, 16:04 di Adinferna

    You can listen to "Metamorphose for Klubs" & "SM 4 SM [ Supreme Court RMX ]" on our official myspace player here :

    This 2 tracks are included in our Remix Kollection called Heroine (Revisited Trance Und Tanz) available only in digital download stores (3rd May 2010).

    The concept of this "Mega" release is to offer their own remixes of 7 tracks of their second acclaimed album Trance:N:Dance (on Orkus, Dark Spy, Legacy … and stayed one month in the ).

    Are included also: one collaboration (versus) on the cover of Visage “Fade to Grey” with Micky Noise (ex Wizzy Noise, one of the most creative psychedelic band) and 3 RMX by Colony 5, Supreme Court and C-Lekktor. The mastering has been done by the wellknown Kolja aka Soman. The pre-prod versions of RMX like “Redemption”, “SM for SM” or “Metamorphose” have already been played all over the world by many Djs and "Suicide Girl - Heroïne RMX" has been chosen to feature on Extreme Sündenfall Compilation Vol. 9.

    Release date 3rd May 2010 on Ionium Records

    Ad Inferna

  • Amduscia member Edgar Acevedo dies

    Mar 28 2010, 3:37 di gothic_mx

    Amduscia member Edgar Acevedo dies
    Amduscia news at SIDE-LINE.COM

  • "Heroine (Revisited Trance und Tanz)", the ultimate Klub Remixes Kollection…

    Mar 22 2010, 9:11 di Adinferna

    Before the release of their new 100% electronic album "DSM " in the fall 2010 (label/release date TBA soon) already produced & mastered by Vasi Vallis (Frozen Plasma, Reaper), Ad Inferna continues the musical evolution called "Heroine (Revisited Trance und Tanz)", the ultimate Klub Remixes Kollection available only in digital download stores. The concept of this "Mega" release is to offer their own remixes of 7 tracks of their second acclaimed album Trance:N:Dance (on Orkus, Dark Spy, Legacy … and stayed one month in the German Electronic Webcharts).

    Are included also: one collaboration (versus) on the cover of Visage“Fade to Grey” with Micky Noise (ex Wizzy Noise, one of the most creative psychedelic trance band) and 3 RMX by Colony 5, Supreme Court and C-Lekktor. The mastering has been done by the wellknown Kolja aka Soman. The pre-prod versions of RMX like “Redemption”, “SM for SM” or “Metamorphose” have already been played all over the world by many Djs and "Suicide Girl - Heroïne RMX" has been chosen to feature on Extreme Sündenfall Compilation Vol. 9.

    You are warned: do not try to label them - Ad Inferna has chosen to break down the barriers of musical genres to offer their own musical, visual and thematic style: each production is different and synthesizes their own personal evolution.

    Release date 3rd May 2010 on Ionium Records

    Ad Inferna Team.

    Tracklist :

    H1. Injektion
    H2. Suicide Girl "Heroïne" RMX
    H3. Transcendez l'Extase "Extatik" RMX
    H4. Vertige "Klub" RMX
    H5. SM 4 SM "Mega" RMX
    H6. You as my Own Drug "for Klubs"
    H7. Redemption "DJ Edit"
    H8. Metamorphose "for Klubs"
    H9. Fade to Grey * [ Micky Noise vs Ad Inferna ]
    H10. SM 4 SM [ Supreme Court RMX ]
    H11. SM 4 SM [ C-Lekktor RMX ]
    H12. Vertige "Hitchcock Remix" [ Colony 5 RMX ]

    List of possible download stores: AOL, Beatport,, 4Friends, Inprodicon, DJ Tunes, Dancetracks, Beatsdigital, Fnac, Musicload
    / T-Online, 24|7, Music4Brands, Hip Digital, Wasabeat, FineTunes, mobivillage, Trackitdown, 3 Beat Digital, aim4music, eMusic, Vidzone,
    iTunes, Musiwave, Nuclear Blast, 7 Digital, Soundloader, Deutsche-DJ-Playlist, Juno, OD2, DJ Download, Jamba!, Sunset Wireless,
    Akuma, Venturemusic, Vonyc, Dancemusichub, Virgin Mega Store, Audio Jelly, Dancetunes, Global Groove, Individual CD, Fast Forward,
    Musicbrigade, Higher Frequency, Napster, Rhapsody , Arvato , mobilisten , Securycast , Amazon , CD DJ ,,,,,,, Net Mobile,
    Traxsource,, Adtunes, Aspiro, Audible, Beatsource,, Buongiorno, Callarecord, Commodore International Corp.,
    Destra, Digital Media Power, Kiver srl, Cellular, Discotraxx, Kufala, Legaldownload, Leomobile, Minick, Musicstar, MusicBuyMail, PhonoFile
    DK / Basepoint Media, PhonoNet, Paragallo, Payvision, Recordoffice, Rosso Alice - Yalp, Seven Senses, Soundbuzz, Telus, Visono, Zero9,
  • "Venus In Black"on the french fetish photographer David EnaM Video Teaser ... play…

    Mar 21 2010, 11:10 di Adinferna

    DARK DREAMS by David EnaM TEASER IV Original Soundtrack by Venus in Black.

    Formed in February 2010 by VOA Voxyd & VVA (the 2 masterminds behind Ad Inferna), Venus in Black is not a side project but really a new electronic entity ready to invade our synthetic world. Sensibility and intimacy are two words that perfectly describe this emotional music.

    The composition of the debut album called “From Stars To Dust” is completed : they’re actually finalizing the production. Release date expected for the end of 2010.

    To be continued… the adventure has just begun : follow the Star!

    Members of :

    VOA Voxyd (music) :

    VVA Arkames (lyrics) :


    Mar 17 2010, 17:44 di dmitry_sr

    Suicidal Romance is a Tallinn / Estonia based band that is creating electronic music since 2006. Current line up is Dmitry i. (vocals, lyrics, music), Viktoria Seimar (vocals) and Maarja Korstnik (synths, lyrics, visual concept). All started from a track "Cold Kiss" that was written without any purpose, just for pure fun, but after receiving positive feedback it was decided to start a whole project. Viktoria Seimar joined the band as the female vocalist in august of 2006 at the same time with Maarja Korstnik and the first and only demo CD was released. One month later Suicidal Romance was signed to Infacted Recordings.

    The very first live appearance for Suicidal Romance took place in September as they were opening for Spetsnaz in Tallinn, Estonia. Shortly after this live performance the band entered the studio to record a debut album. In 2007 Suicidal Romance took part in the beggist Dutch underground music festival Summer Darkness. The debut CD "Love Beyond Reach" was released on June 8. The CD contained 11 original tracks and two remixes from ]Blutengel and Lost Area. "Love Beyond Reach" was also released in Russia via Gravitator Records under exclusive license from Infacted Recordings. This year band was touring in Germany and the Netherlands and was playing on a big Christmas festival DarkStorm Festival in Chemnitz and Berlin. After playing for the first time in Moscow (Russia) Suicidal Romance took part of one of the biggest gothic festivals in Europe - Wave Gotik Treffen in 2008. Also in this year Suicidal Romance entered their studio again to develop another release. This time it was an EP entitled "A Kiss to Resist".

    In the end of 2008 Dmitry i. started to have problems with his health from drugs and alcohol overuse what lead to months of antidepressants… but no good without bad so somewhere in the middle of 2009 Dmitry i. was already putting last touches to his new opus, “Shattered Heart Reflections”, an album that will show Suicidal Romance from the different side. This album seas Suicidal Romance playing more with modern sounds, leaving gothic style in the times of Dmitry’s depression and creating a whole new direction for the band… "Shattered Heart Reflections" is co-produced by Vasi Vallis (Reaper/Frozen Plasma).

    Shattered Heart Reflections” will be released in the beginning on 07.05.2010 via Infacted Recordings in Europe and on 25.07.2010 via Metropolis Records in America.

    01. Interlude
    02. Touch
    03. Words That Change Everything
    04. Make Me Blind
    05. Love Stays the Same
    06. Her Song
    07. We're Wanting More
    08. Dreamers
    09. Build Me A Heart
    10. Shattered Heart Reflections


    OutOfLine Shop
    Metropolis Records
    Resurrection Music