Time On Earth

  • Time On Earth

    Any thoughts on the new album or the new single? It's available on the Crowded House web site (the single, that is...)

    I'd be interested in hearing any thoughts...

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    • Mag 31 2007, 10:17
    I've given it some listens but nothing on the album is sticking in my head. I keep on listening to it because I feel they deserve it so hopefully it grows on me.

  • I totally understand that. TA took a while to grow on me, and so did TLM. So, this is no surprise to me.

  • I like it a lot, a bit too many slow songs but that is just my personal preference.

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    • Giu 4 2007, 11:20
    I'm waiting for the official release, but I really like what I've heard on online radio, etc, so far. "She Walked Her Way Down" struck a chord with me...

  • "She Called Up" is my ring tone :D

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    • Giu 5 2007, 16:05



    Have you heard the Time On Earth leak?

    I could send a copy if you send that mixtape!


    people are like suns
    you are the only one to make me cry
    transit lounge
    walked her way down
    english trees
    silent house
    a sigh
    heaven that i'm making
    even a child
    pour la monde
    say that again
    she called up
    don't stop now
    nobody wants to

  • Hmm...

    I don't love it. Probably need a few more listens right through before I can be sure, although nothing will change my hatred for 'Transit Lounge' and 'You're the One'. Neil, my dear, what were you thinking???

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    • Lug 4 2007, 5:40
    Ok, I've completely reversed my original thoughts on the album. I now love it

  • Yeah, I have also changed my mind about the album - I was hasty and I was wrong!

    I intitally thought TOE was a real step backwards from the brilliance of Together Alone, but now some of the songs have branded themselves on to my heart and I think that 'People Are Like Suns' and 'A Sigh' are easily as good as anything else they have ever released. I love pretty much everything on there except the two songs I noted in my last post - they are still incredibly terrible in my opinion, ESPECIALLY 'You are the one...'.

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    • Lug 9 2007, 0:25
    I quite like transit lounge but I agree with you on the other thing

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    • Feb 16 2010, 7:34
    don't stop CH! go on making wonderful albums like this.

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