Free music here...

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    • Dic 12 2006, 14:15

    Free music here...

    My Label : Ciphra usually licensed CC the music of the artist like

    "Urban Castle Magic" , "Crimson Fate", "No Replay", "T.A.S" ...

    So be free and feel free to download this albums throught Jamendo or the oficial websites, and listen it before on the profiles :)

    We live with the music, no throught the music!

    And remember, if it's Copyleft it's culture!! ]CCulture[

    Que el ruido me libre de cordura...
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    • Mar 10 2007, 21:14
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    • Mag 16 2007, 12:03
    You also might like the free releases at an eclectic mix of experimental, ambient, glitch, drone and more

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    • Mag 17 2007, 23:30

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    • Giu 4 2007, 2:49 - This is a community music site featuring remixes licensed under Creative Commons, where you can listen to, sample, mash-up, or interact with music in whatever way you want.

    Remixers If you're into sampling, remixing and mash-ups grab the sample packs and a cappellas for download and you can upload your version back into ccMixter, for others to enjoy and re-sample. All legal.

    Podcasters, directors and music lovers If you're into music, browse this site to hear some of the great remixes people have built from sampling music on this site, all licensed for use under Creative Commons license.

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    • Ago 27 2007, 9:33

    [WaW005] Fuzzy: A Collection of Reflection


    Free Compilation:
    Public warning! „Fuzzy“ –A Collection Of Reflection is on it’s way to blow up
    some synapses. Carefully selected masters of evil and not-so-evil sounds
    gather in a place provided by WeirdAndWired and invite you to participate
    in shredding the universe of data-music to pieces. We are extremely grateful to anyone, who was willing to give a slice of their
    genius to us, to put it in this context and to send it out to the world.
    Check out the artists and support them!


    Dino Felipe - Death For 5 Computers
    Toxonic - Aurum
    \7oi - Impress Numerically
    Bazaar - Appetite For Love
    Vhom - SKVPH VX2
    Håkan Lidbo - Mental Hardcore
    Carsten Rausch - Tooltime
    Caspa Houser - Condensed V2
    Samuel Strehle - Holodeck Hyperraum Simulator
    Sinus Force - Erlösung
    Yoursck - OHT040507
    Flextronic - Cybernetic Riot
    Dan Tapper/Plastic Raptor - Harry Meets The Skinny Ghosts
    Massju - Laitfille
    Wolfseule - Bell Rock
    Mithra - L'Enfant Lumiere
    Org - Blackbox
    Xyno - A Poetic Downfall
    Black Ninfea - Synth-C
    Lackluster - Notes Aren't Enough

    Thanks! massju

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    • Dic 9 2007, 22:09

    Thin Men Music

    My Label publishes music from a group of friends, licensed under CC.
    Most is just fun, but you may like El Cielo and Thin men.


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    • Gen 15 2008, 20:40
    Ive addd your label as connection. Thanks a lot for the hint.

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    • Gen 21 2008, 11:14

    My new WeirdAndWired EP...Free Download

  • Here's some unusual music from New Zealand, with free downloadable tracks - fiffdimension - mixture of songs, spoken word and avant-garde improv.

    If you like those, there are also three whole albums from my back catalogue available on under fiffdimension.

  • My free music blog

    Check out my free music blog:

    Thank you!

  • Free Music

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    • Feb 17 2009, 22:30

    Will free beat commercial?

    If you are into highest quality free music that beats easily the commercial ones visit and vote:

  • - listen my project

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    • Ott 30 2009, 18:17

    I have a free-music-blog ( and am now trying to build a free-music-community at

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    • Apr 6 2010, 20:15

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    • Mag 22 2010, 10:20
    Visit my free music blog. :)

    If you want to see your music there, you just have to message me. :)

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    • Mag 4 2011, 20:35

    New Thin Men Album

    After 13 years off, Thin Men started work on a new album. The first part of it is now ready for download on jamendo:

    As soon as it is finished - which will take us some time - the whole album will also be released here on lastfm.

    Hope you like it

  • New ambient netlabel releases from Subterrestrial Summer 2011

    “Plasma Weapon” is a new album by Subterrestrial on Sirona-Records. Something a little bit different, this time out. The album features both dark ambient and lighter, ambient electronica. Very soundscape/soundtrack-ish, as I was channeling my passion for ’80s video games and anime, movies like Blade Runner, etc… for this one. Open your mind and give it a try!

    Download from Sirona-Records | Release Page

    You might also like....

    “Nature is Infinite” is Subterrestrial’s first album for that foundation of ambient and experimental net audio; Webbed Hand Records. Richly orchestrated synth ambient inspired by experiences of the natural world. Featuring softsynths, classic keys and field recordings. Available now as high quality 320kbps MP3s.

    Download from Webbed Hand | release page

    "The City Beneath" is a longform dark ambient piece inspired by the epic, groundbreaking 1927 science fiction silent film "Metropolis" by German director Fritz Lang. The composition explores the themes presented in the film and in particular, the subterranean city of the oppressed working class. The City Beneath" was composed and recorded in early May of 2010 and released as a CDr on Black Drone: 13 Series. By 2011, "The City Beneath" was completely sold out and had gone out of print. The original recording was very slightly tweaked, cleaned up and overall remastered in late July 2011 and re-released on Subterrestrial Netlabel.

    Download from Subterrestrial | Release Page

    Subterrestrial - ambient / downtempo / experimental music

  • “Dead But Dreaming” is a dark ambient tribute to H.P. Lovecraft, a virtual soundtrack to the Cthulu Mythos. Creeping atmospheres inspired by the ancient nightmares portrayed in his fiction work.

    Stream & Download | release page

    “Immutable Law” explores harmonic drones and dark minimal soundscapes inspired by the ancient art of alchemy.

    Stream & Download | release page

    “Event Horizon” is a new space ambient and progressive electronic concept album from Subterrestrial. Follow the first human expedition into deep space on an audio journey that will take you to the very edge of a black hole.

    Stream & Download | release page

    Subterrestrial - ambient / downtempo / experimental music
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    • Feb 23 2012, 16:39
    i recommend Bacco Baccanels, italian independent artist who makes music in a style which he calls "musicooking", sort of acappella one man band.
    there's a new album out (in CC of course) after more than four years. this guy's slower than pink floyd, but he's worth a listen

  • "Pre-Columbian Exposition" is a longform ambient/drone piece with many evolving and changing parts. It is my attempt to get in touch with my American Indian heritage but, it is also dedicated to all indigenous peoples of Pre-Columbian North and South America. Welcome to Indian Country!

    Download | release page

    "Echotron" is a unique mix of deep ambient soundscapes and retro lounge/exotica tracks featuring analog synths and drum machines. The tracks are arranged like an LP with the ambient material on "Side A" while "Side B" features the more beat-oriented tracks. Depending on your musical interests you're bound to enjoy at least one side of this "virtual LP," maybe both?

    Download | release page

    "Waveform" features seven experimental ambient and progressive electronic concept pieces from Subterrestrial. Spring is on it's way, why not take this one last opportunity to immerse yourself in a chilly, unearthly soundscape?

    Download | release page

    The third installment of Subterrestrial's series of hollow earth themed albums, "Agartha" explores the legendary network of subterranean cities said to be populated by the descendants of Atlantis and Lemuria. "Agartha" channels experimental dub and ambient dub sounds for this outing.

    Download | release page

    Subterrestrial presents "Lifeform" an album inspired by our world's rich biodiversity, from the smallest microorganisms to the largest ecosystems. "Lifeform" contains over an hour of organically inspired ambient music and soundscapes that explore this delicate web of life.

    Download | release page

    Subterrestrial - ambient / downtempo / experimental music
  • datamnesia [minimal/glitch/dark ambient/etc]

  • Marker Beacon - Dead Frequencies (heavy metal)

    Marker Beacon is a melodic heavy metal band, mainly influenced by Metallica, but also by other rock/metal bands such as Iron Maiden, Foo Fighters, In Flames...

    The band exists in this configuration since 2000. Marker Beacon released a demo in 2006 and its first album in 2013 called "Dead Frequencies". With nagging or fast riffs, this album explores many faces of heavy metal while beeing accessible for the neophyte.

    Official website:

    Their album “Dead Frequencies” can be downloaded from their website, it is licenced under the Creative Commons licence (BY-SA 3.0):

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