Alfa-Alfa «Rospryagayite hlopsi konnie»

  • Alfa-Alfa «Rospryagayite hlopsi konnie»

    «Rospryagayite hlopsi konnie»

    2011 FREESTYLE ARTWORK Productions / MOON-Records / FUNKY KIDS Recordz.
    Hot group of Uganda. The African vocal and bright images of executors give to spectators solar cheerful music.
    Their creativity are English-speaking songs in style of a disco 80 and favourite Ukrainian national songs in dancing processing.
    The folklore was in group repertoire still before Alfa Alfa was divided into two collectives – Alfa Alfa and Chornobrivtsi.
    And here the stylistics of these two groups after disintegration have undergone changes.
    While Chornobrivtsi began to place emphasis on reggae-music,
    style Alfa Alfa has changed on dancing a disco-priest.
    Michael and Bekki – constant visitors of various musical festivals.
    At concerts directly communicate with spectators and extend people on a scene,
    clearing up interest and delight at everyone. Get public from a half-turn.
    Bright scenic suits, exotic appearance and melodious dancing songs of executors provide 100 % success and love of spectators.
    In the summer of 2006 MOON-Records and Freestyle Artwork Productions let out the first album of group which is sold for a month.
    We bring to your attention the second edition of an album with new colourful design.
    Also on a disk an additional bonus – bright photosession and video-cutting from concert performances of group.

    The Track list of an album:

    1.Rozpryagayite Hlopsi Konnie
    3.Beautiful Girls
    4.Ihali Kozaki
    5.We've Got To Get
    6.Tiz Mene Pidmanula
    7.Ganza (Bonus)
    8.Tell Me
    10.Dance Becky

    +38 066 1913197 Michael,
    +38 093 1292582 Becky

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