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One of the most significant labels representing the world of contemporary classical music.

How it all began

The year 1982 marks col legno's hour of birth: Wolfgang Rihm and Heinz Winbeck persuaded Wulf Weinmann to found a music label dedicated solely to new and very new classical music. In 1985 the first album actually came off the presses, a digital recording of Hummel's opera Blaubart; a year later, the first Lachenmann recording was released (Gran Torso & Salut für Caudwell). col legno soon became a synonym for first recordings on CD ("New music has a name") of works of the most important contemporary composers. But over the years the industry changed, and with it the challenges a music label has to cope with: by 2005 the end seemed inevitable – and Christian Köck arrived on the scene.

The new team

In 2005 Christian Köck, through the Private Foundation Helene & Christian Köck, acquired a majority interest in col legno. This investment did save the company from its precarious financial situation at the time, but what was also needed urgently to ensure col legno's long-term survival on the market was some new ideas. Gustav Kuhn, the conductor and festival director, and Andreas Schett (musician, composer, communication designer) do have plenty of ideas, and most fortuitously their ideas are compatible with those of Christian Köck. Thus, Kuhn and Schett also acquired stakes in the company and now share the responsibility for col legno's operational business with Stefanie Schurich, the managing director. In 2006 Wulf Weinmann, the label's founding father, eventually sold his remaining share and decided to retire from col legno.

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