anyone listen to For Today?

  • anyone listen to For Today?

    and... have you heard their new album?
    soooooo good.

  • I do, and I have. It is pretty amazing. :]

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    • Lug 10 2009, 3:24
    Yeah, Awesome band! Especially their song Saul of taurus is Great!

  • If you like For Today, you should try the christian metalcore band Means. I'm pretty sure that For Today drew at least 80% of their inspiration from this band. Best album, according to me is Sending You Strengh. Anyway, For Today still rocks, especially their latest album (:

  • just got their new album today and its amazing its so much better than Ekklesia and Weird-Skylines is right about MEANS they are pretty good

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    • Lug 24 2009, 17:01
    i listen to both means and for today. badass bands, fucking love em. i also really love the technicality involved in for today.

  • I love Portraits better than Ekklesia, but only by a little bit. Both are AMAZING albums!

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    • Set 25 2009, 2:43

    Peace be with you!
  • i love for today man =D=D=D=D immanuel tthe redeemer and redemption are my favorite songs

  • Yeah, For Today is amazing! Saul of Tarsus is my favorite. ( :

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    • Ago 26 2010, 20:30
    Yes, I listen to the portrait album everyday, it is so awsome :)

  • breaker is out, check out if you havent yet. its awesome

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