Christian Techno?

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    • Lug 18 2006, 21:13

    Christian Techno?

    Hey i know this is an indie group... and techno isnt indie... obviously. but i need help!!

    im volunteering at a younglife camp and we can only bring christian music! but i need my techno, man!!

    any suggestions of good albums//artists//songs?

    thatd be fabbbbuloussss if youd help!!

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    • Lug 24 2006, 6:01


    Andy Hunter, Trip, Ultrabeat, Antidote, Audity, Sheltershed, DBA, Cloud 2 Ground, Prodigal Sons, Faith Massive, DJ Lorraine, Goodnight Star, Norway, The Echoing Green, House of Wires

    Just a list of stuff off the top of my head, for more help:

    There's quite a few links you can find from there, hope this helps. :)

  • If by "techno" you mean house/breakbeat/big beat music a-la The Chemical Brothers, The Crystal Method, The Prodigy, and Fatboy Slim... then you must check out Andy Hunter. He is amazing. apt.core's 2 album is pretty nice, as well.

    Hydro, Faith Massive, and Dance House Children are 3 other groups worth checking out, although if you are looking for a style more like mainstream "techno," you might be disappointed. Well, if you can actually find the music, that is... deitiphobia is another group that is hard to get music from, but they are closer to industrial than you might be looking for, and Kenny Mitchell makes trance music.

    I guess the best advice I could give you is to check out N*Soul Records... most of the artits I named (excluding Andy Hunter and apt.core), are on that label. even has a streaming radio broadcast you can listen to, so you can check their artists out.

    If you take anything, though, go with Andy Hunter.

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    • Set 10 2006, 10:04
    most of their older stuff are difficult to find anymore. new album out is pretty cool, a bit harder.

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    • Lug 21 2008, 20:36
    Glyptic Minority

    T Glyptic
  • I would just like to second andy hunter. and third it. and forth it. seriously, he is FRIGGIN AMAZING!! I wasn't even a fan of techno until I heard his music. He is SO good, I would reccomend him to anyone.

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    • Ago 15 2010, 22:32
    Joy Electric is good. I'm surprised that no one's mentioned them already

  • Dance House Children is good.. Their second release Jesus was my favorite.. Mortal's first release wasn't bad but I consider that Industrial sounding. I've heard that Joy Electric is good and I do like that name but I have never heard their stuff. There are tons of positive, beautifully melodic and uplifting Techno & Trance that I know but none would be considered Christian..

  • Teknon is AWESOME! :)

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    • Mar 8 2012, 2:25
    He used to play techno as MOG (Música Eletronica Gospel) and his RAM Science has some minimal techno, brazilian christian DJ Ramilson Maia

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