Tag your songs properly!

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    • Ott 12 2005, 1:04

    Tag your songs properly!

    Haha, yeah, I've seen some members' songlist with artist "[unknown]", that really sucks and it destroy the purpose of Audioscrobbler. Please, from now on, tag your mp3 properly! Use foobar2000 if you want to properly tag your file that's widely readable, including unicode tags. :)

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  • :P

    You're such a perfectionist, haha. I'll try to fix up my tags, but I don't really see the point when I already have a good sized chart that's a few months old. Eh, we'll see...

    *Throws boots at eyn*

    *Runs away*

  • eyn is right!

    please fix your tags! Having right capitalization, spelling, artist name, etc is not only neat but makes last.fm a better place. I hate it when other people's bad tags mess up my own charts! Ugh, it's "flower" not "Flower" and "TIME SLIP" not "Time Slip", "New World" not "new world", "get out from the shell" not "Get Out From the Shell"...i could go on and on. Also, if you know who the artist is why would you have the song as "unknown"??? Who wants his top artist to be "unknown"? For accurate charts, please follow eyn's advice!

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    • Ott 14 2005, 16:46
    Egh.. I have too many songs to fix all the tags. But I'll try. You really are a perfectionist. Wayy too much.

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    • Ott 14 2005, 22:02
    i love keeping them properly but sometimes its ebil.. I have OLIVIA in all capitals but it got there as Olivia >_<

  • That's the most annoying thing ever. I can't play a song without having a proper tag on it.


    Track numbers are for CD's not MP3's!

  • hehe..

    im pretty annoyed by it sometimes too. but YUI is YUI :D not Yui. Once i had new songs on my list i hadnt yet tried, so tag were all [unknown], and my little cousin wanted to listen to a song... so my scrobber ended up with quite a few [unknown]'s. *annoyed* i had to regulate there. "no playing my music without coming to me first ok!?"

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    • Mag 21 2006, 2:27
    If you use foobar2000 you can set it up such that only music stored in your fb2k database will be sent to last.fm, which makes it almost impossible to send a track without proper tag to last.fm.

    The database allows you to restrict only music files from a certain directory to be included in the database, thus tracks that are not put into this folder will not be included in your fb2k database, and hence will not be sent to last.fm.

    For example, I have a folder called "Music" under "My Documents" in Windows XP, under which there's subfolders for different artist and sub-subfolder for albums and singles etc. I restrict FB2K to include only songs put into this "Music" folder to be included in the database and only music files under the parent folder "Music" will be sent to last.fm. If you downloaded some new music files from bittorrent and want to listen to them without tagging them first, you can feel free to play them in FB2K and not worry about its improper tags, since they won't be sent to last.fm. Once you finally sit down and tag them up properly, you can move these files under "Music" folder and from now on they will be sent to last.fm when you play them.

    Cool enough?

    Here's a screenshot that give you some idea how this works:

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    • Mag 21 2006, 6:12
    Ooooh, that's a good idea! I try to tag most of my music correctly :X But sometimes in my media player, it appears to be tagged right, then when it reaches last.fm, it's all this "unknown artist" crap.

    I'll try using this. :)

    -While I'm here, is there any plugins for iTunes or whatever to display Japanese characters? I've been having to retag every song in my playlist in order to know what song I'm playing. :(

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    • Mag 22 2006, 7:31
    iTunes should able to display Japanese characters by default. To read mp3 tags written in Japanese, you need a player that support ID3v2 tags, you also need East Asian Language installed in your Windows XP, particularly Japanese. foobar2000 support ID3v2 but make sure you have the ID3v2 plugin installed and properly configured, i.e. set it up to write tags using both ID3v1 (industry standard) and ID3v2.

    Tagging songs in foobar2000 is a piece of cake and it shows you very clearly what standard fields are available and tagged (e.g. TITLE, ALBUM, DATE, GENRE, TRACKNUMBER etc.) and you can also add extra custom fields if you want (e.g. LYRICS, COMPOSER). iTunes and others gives you a nice GUI but many custom tags might be hidden if they are not supported by their GUI.

    foo_infobox is a very useful plugin for FB2K to do manual tagging. iTunes is good for spotting missing tags since it displays tag data in columns. FB2K also support columns if you are into it, overall, FB2K in the music player market is like Firefox in the browser market, it provides you custom plugins (just like extensions in Firefox) to enhance your using experience. ;)

  • I went through a spell where I tried to tag everything but I could never find an easy way to do it. It just took way too long. So I apologise if any of my tags are messy (I'm sure a lot of them are.) I use Winamp so I don't know of any way to block songs.

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    • Lug 21 2006, 14:59
    My tags are always good. That's actually the first thing I do when I finish downloading a song!!! XD

    Oh yeah, BoA comes off as Boa in last.fm... =______= Also, hitomi's PARADISE comes off as Paradise... even though my tags are perfect... And many many many people think the song I Am from Inuyasha is from Hitomi Yaida...

    Yesterday, I just started putting the Japanese titles instead of the romaji. Damn, this is gonna messed up my list a little...

  • For_the_Ears said:
    im pretty annoyed by it sometimes too. but YUI is YUI :D not Yui.

    Sorry, but unless it's an acronym, YUI is Yui. I have 10,000 songs in iTunes, and I've normalized the case of all the data. Nobody likes SHOUTING in email or forums, why should I put up with it in my MP3 tags? Of course, in names like "DJ Shadow", "DJ" is uppercase, because it's an acronym -- it's stands for "disc jockey". Same goes for the group "LFO" (the real one on Warp, not the boy band who ripped off the name much later), which stands for "low frequency oscillator".

    Assuming YUI doesn't stand for anything, the correct capitalization of it is Yui (if it does stand for something, then it should be YUI, of course). For some reason, it's popular in Jpop to MESS AROUND with the CASE of song AND ALBUM names as IF THAT was COOL OR SOMETHING, but it's in fact wrong, and nobody who speaks English properly does this.

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    • Ago 19 2006, 12:13
    Winamp makes it really easy to re-tag your file. select all the Ai-chan you want to rename and then right-click "eidt selected items". Make sure the box is ticked and it will grab the song name from the name of the file.

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    • Ago 21 2006, 15:43
    Winamp is player for the mass, foobar2000 is player for the enthusiast. :) We want good tags here, I'm talking about Japanese tags for J-Pop songs, Romaji is for the J-Pop noobs that think J-Pop is English pop and someone lazy enough not to learn even basic Japanese despite the fact they're listening to their music. *shakes head*

    Lastly, when it comes to tagging, nothing beats foobar2000 (not to say FB2K tag your song perfectly in UTF8 instead of random code page), and this comes from an ex-user of Winamp. :)

  • yes.
    I always do it (with cover, year, cd number, artist, song nr....) XD iTunes 4life *hasgotamac*

  • I've only just got Last.FM working with WMP11/XP Media Center Edition. Everythings great now, and don't worry! All my asian tracks are appropriately tagged!

    Where's my goat?
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    • Apr 7 2007, 16:01
    I re-tag most of my songs in Winamp. And I prefeer romaji instead of kanji. :)

  • I think pretty much all mine are tagged properly...except for maybe a few newer songs that I downloaded, and were tagged wrong, but I don't know how they really spell it because as was mentioned earlier, they randomly capitalize some words, some are in hiragana, some katakana, you just can't guess how they want it, so I leave it as is until I find the correct way. Also, sometimes I have them tagged properly, but then when they're scrobbled, they change. :S Like, "emotion" by mihimaru GT changed to "Emotion" when it was scrobbled. =__=
    Oh, and you have like, 24 hours to delete a song off your list before it's set in stone, so if your younger sibling kills your charts you can always go in and delete them before they permanently kill your charts. :P Or, if you have [unknown] you can delete it...
    Also, I use iTunes for tagging and listening to music.
    Anyways, this was longer than I meant it to be, so I'll just shut up now, hahaha

  • I´m re-tagging all my CDs to Japanese and I´m starting with FB2K (used WinAMP for ages). It really looks like a useful tool and the Unicode support and tagging system is really comfortable. Well it´ll take some time, but soon you won´t see any romaji song titles in my charts. :)

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  • Yeah...I'm just noticing some of mine might be...wrong. =__= I downloaded them, and evidently they were tagged wrongly. Only thing is, I'm not sure if mine are right, and the other people are wrong...I know for a fact that my romaji ones are wrong because no one in their right mind would name their songs with ugly romaji (lol) but I need to find the correct titles...anyone know how ELLEGARDEN's songs are titled? :S
    *Ding!* [Lightbulb turns on]
    Of course! I'll check their official website! Sorry for this [almost] pointless ramble. My point is, I discovered some blips, but I'll get on them right away. :D

  • @Kelsey: you know, that thing about "emotion" changing to "Emotion" is nothing you can do anything about. you'll just have to live with it, like everyone else. The capitalizations goes after the first scrobble any user does, that's why when you for example scrobble "Pocket" it ends up like "PoCKEt" because some stupid brat scrobbled it like that.
    i've actually got almost all of my songs tagged in lower case romaji, but i always make sure that it scrobbles correctly the first time i listen to a certain song.

    Arashi2K6 said:
    For some reason, it's popular in Jpop to MESS AROUND with the CASE of song AND ALBUM names as IF THAT was COOL OR SOMETHING, but it's in fact wrong, and nobody who speaks English properly does this.
    well, that doesn't change the fact that they do it in japan, does it? and we're supposed to tag it like they do, so i'm sorry, but i disagree with your post.

  • @ mango
    Yeah, that happened to Ayu's "talkin' 2 myself" but it looks like it's been fixed now...so there must be some way to get in there and fix it :/
    Because it's annoying. It makes you look like the idiot. -____-

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