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Only Certified Braindance

Richard D. James' own Rephlex Records label, which he co-owns with Grant Wilson-Claridge, coined the term Braindance in 1991 to describe Aphex Twin's music. Rephlex Records' official definition of Aphex Twin and his followers' music is quoted as follows: "Braindance is the genre that encompasses the best elements of all genres, e.g traditional, classical, electronic music, popular, modern, industrial, ambient, hip-hop, electro, house, techno, breakbeat, hardcore, ragga, garage, drum and bass, etc."

Braindance applies to forward-thinking electronic music that can appeal to the mind as well as the desire to dance and party.

About Intelligent Dance Music

  • Q: Another term that's been used to describe your work is Intelligent Dance Music.
    Aphex Twin: I just think it's really funny to have terms like that. It's basically saying, 'this is intelligent and everything else is stupid.' It's really nasty to everyone else's music. (laughs) It makes me laugh, things like that. I don't use names. I just say that I like something or I don't.

  • Q: No one says IDM in England?
    Mike Paradinas: No, only on message boards when they're talking to Americans! No one uses or used it in UK. Only Americans ever used the term. It was invented by Alan Parry who set up the IDM mailing list'.

  • Q: Do you know that you are the drill n' bass inventor?
    Luke Vibert: What the fuck is drill n' bass?

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