"Reason for Erection" (I think it's called rock)

  • "Reason for Erection" (I think it's called rock)

    Hi there folks!
    I would like to take the chance and introduce my band Reason for Erection to you.
    We started playing somewhere around mid 2008 based at Cologne (Germany).
    The music we play is a mix between metal, punk rock, rock.
    We first began with some coverversions of songs we just liked to play and later we also started working on our own stuff.
    The final result till now are four (yes incredibly four songs) ;) , but there is definitly more to come.

    So feel welcome to take a look, or better an ear, tag us, comment us, ask us for playing gigs or whatever you wish to do :)

    Cheers n beers

    Reason for Erection

  • We uploaded a new recording of our song Shield
    Still far away from perfect but much better quality than before ;)
    So have a listen, let me know what you think about it, tag it or whatever.


  • News News News

    Damn. Lot's of time passed. But we weren't sitting around. We recorded some new songs and also the quality of the recordings improved ;)
    Plus we are now giving away two of them for free download cause we think they're no complete insult for your ears ;)
    The others will follow if the time is right.But if you desperately want to own a copy just send me a request.

    So just take a look at Reason for Erection if you want.

    Cheers Phil

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