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featuring music from Bynar's Indie Disco podcast, ie. a perfect combination of effervescent dance beats, driving, droning guitars, shoegaze harmonies, infectious vocals and new wave aesthetics.

Welcome to Bynar's Indie Disco! For almost two years now I've been running a blog, a podcast and a radio show featuring -mostly- indie rock music, along with some electro, synthpop, mashups and darker stuff.

However, there's only so much one man can do, so I could really use some extra help in order to find and promote new music. Therefore I need you to join this group and introduce me to new bands, old forgotten gems, tunes I HAVE to hear before I die etc. All of your input will be filtered through and included in my future podcasts and blog. So what do you think? Can you help? You can send all your MP3's to my dropbox.

Check out my recommended artists to get the idea... Cheers!

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