This forum needs a thread

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    • Nov 27 2005, 11:21

    This forum needs a thread

    I first heard of TBE on Triple J when they were playing Crave a bit.

    I first saw them live at the Melbourne stop of Grinspoon's Panic Attack tour in 2003. I saw them live again at Big Day Out 2004 and they were awesome.

    I've got a Butterfly Effect t-shirt and basically it's a radar because if people actually know about TBE then they definately have a good taste in music and are probably very interesting people.

    So, what's the thoughts from the rest of you?

    Quoth Feanor:
    Ah borgasm. He tries so hard to be the token asshole on the forum, except he's not here often enough so rather than making people angry he makes them laugh at him instead.

    A treat for people who are named Michael
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    • Dic 9 2005, 1:54
    The first song I heard from TBE was One second of insanity. I loved them from the first note and then I heard the album, I'm still a little in love with them. The lyrics are emotional and really appeal to me, I can connect with them, not to speak of the music. I let my girldfriend hear overwhelmed and she thought it was boring. I was about ready to shoot her, I guess she didn't understand the music. Pity...

  • I couldn't go to BDO 2004, but a friend of mine went and she really loved TBE live, so she made me listen to the album right after... and well, I've been in love with them since. Seen them live twice and planning on more. *g* Fave song is 'Filling Silence'... such lovely music and amazing lyrics. Ahhh. Beauty.

  • I probably heard of TBE about... 3 or 4 years ago? One of my best friends had Begins Here... I'd never heard anything like their music until I listened to their album two years ago. Ever since I've been hooked and they're definately my fav band. I know what poembie means about 'connecting' with their lyrics, let alone their music. Unfortunately every gig they've played in the Melbournian area has been over 18... (since I've liked them) but the next gig they plan down here I'm at. I can't say exactly which song of their's is my favourite.... the whole of Begins Here is like this massive dream. But If I had to pick one it would most likely be Beautiful Mine. Wowies. :P Lyrics wise... probably Perception Twin or Overwhelmed. I have the 'EFFECTED' T... it's definately a radar! :)

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