[Spook] Last.FM Bunnies & Other Animals


Apr 30 2010, 20:54

Following Fly Things Come In Threes? - Another in my occasional series of articles about spooky goings-on, on my profile.

Here's a screen-cap' of my three month's top eight artists, today ...

Notice anything odd? There're a few strange coincidences about this line-up. Here's a key image, to illustrate ...

Chaps grouped in the centre & ladies on the flanks. Julieta Venegas is about to be pounced on, by a bunny. Whilst Shara Worden is holding a bunny. Simian Mobile Disco bring a monkey (class of 'higher primates', to be precise), in their name. Run Toto Run are named after a cute li'll' running doggie. The Stranglers are riding a dragon. Then We Are Wolves and ... It's the Wolf! It's the Wolf!

What's the role of Imogen Heap & Massive Attack?

My Current Fav'e Releases / Tracks From These Artists

Julieta Venegas Otra Cosa / Amores Platónicos (other plays)
Simian Mobile Disco Cruel Intentions / Cruel Intentions (Greg Wilson re-edit) (other plays)

Massive Attack Heligoland / Babel (other plays)
Shara Worden The Creatures in the Garden of Lady Walton / Cocodrillo (other plays)

Run Toto Run Plastic Gold EP / Hater (other plays)
The Stranglers BBC In Concert (23rd April 1977) / Sometimes (BBC In Concert 23/04/77) (other plays)

We Are Wolves Invisible Violence / Paloma (other plays)
Imogen Heap Ellipse / Wait It Out (other plays)

What's the message in these tea leaves? I think this calls for an expert in Chinese astrology, or some-such! :/ %)

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  • jehovahrocks

    Interesting .. very interesting ... I used to point out the patterns in things to people, often, until I read about that guy they made the movie ' A Beautiful Mind' about, and then I stopped. lol

    Mag 1 2010, 4:29
  • NordicByNature


    Lug 7 2010, 3:56
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