1st band you can remember hearing...

    • justmike ha detto...
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    • Set 18 2007, 10:41

    Live Aid

    Though being only 5, I remember this being on the tv all day, so Status Quo were probably the first band I properly listened too.
    Older brother had dire straits and queen albums, so that probably seeped into my mind as well at that young age

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    • Gen 13 2008, 21:46
    M.A.R.R.S. - Pump Up The Volume (I heardt it on radio)

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    • Lug 22 2008, 16:52
    The Police and Culture Club!

  • Well, I think, it has to be some stuff of Queen, cause my dad was a really big fan of them. There was always Queen in the air at home. ;-)

  • ?:

    I don't know if it was Queen (Radio Gaga video), Thriller from "Jacko" or Video Kill Radio Star from Buggles ;)

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    • Ago 13 2008, 19:11
    I do not remeber exactly, but there are some 3 reminiscences in my head - Dire Straits, Europe, Carlos Santana.

  • Probably Hendrix or Dylan, thats all my Dad listened to back then.

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    • Ago 1 2011, 20:45
    The Turtles - Happy Together -- when I was a kid I remember going through my fathers records and that was the first one I played.

  • Major Tom


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