How did you first find Ben Harper (and/or the Innocent Criminals?)

  • How did you first find Ben Harper (and/or the Innocent Criminals)?

    I recently posted a thread about our little group in the Ben Harper and Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals artist forums, hopefully it'll drive enough people here that we'll get some decent forum action, that's all I'm looking for.

    While doing this, I got to wondering
    How did you first come to like Ben Harper?

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  • My story is disturbingly vivid, I'd be surprised that anyone else is this exact. : )
    It all starts at christmas a year or two ago, I'm at a friend's house and we're listening to this album he thinks I might like (the first Jack Johnson, it's not too bad). We're talking about it, and I'm trying to tell him that it reminds me a lot of Ben Harper (which is slightly odd since my experiance with his music at this point is Steal My Kisses and Strawberry Fields Forever) but I can't think of his name (even though I'm pretty sure his initials are B.H. for some reason). This starts to annoy me so much that I actually call my brother, who is also home for christmas so he can look at the copy of the I Am Sam O.S.T. I have and tell me, since I knew Strawberry Fields Forever was on it. I figure it out, decide I should look into some Ben Harper when I get back to school and I'm all well and good for the night. The next day or two I actually see the video for 'Faded' on either MuchMusic or MuchMoreMusic (Canada's MTV/VH1 type channels). This is obviously not a common experiance, seeing how its 2002 and Faded was off of 'The Will to Live' from 1997 and was never a big hit. I like it, and again, think that I MUST remember to try some Ben Harper once I get back to school. When I got back, I listened to Fight For Your Mind, heard God Fearing Man (then heard it again, and again... etc) and the rest is 'history'. : )

    "Somewhere Around The World,
    Someone Would Love To Have My First World Problems"
    Matthew Good Band - Omissions of the Omen
  • ben harper was a guy that the stoners in my guitar classes in highschool always referred to, like jerry garcia and phish. i figured i had to check him out, not because i'm a stoner, because i'm not, but because i was in a phase where if i heard a band/artist's name, i would go on kazaa and listen to them to see if i liked them. the fact that he plays with jack johnson just sealed the deal, for me.

    now that story is one that someone else could also have :)

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    • Feb 15 2005, 15:08

    It's March 1994...

    I'm in Austin Tx, for SXSW. I'm headed to the outdoor free showcase gig off of 6th street infront of that fancy hotel. As I walk up the street (about a block or 2 away still) I hear this voice... I am immediately like WTF? WHO IS THIS? I MUST KNOW NOW!!!!!!!!!! I leave my friends and sprint up the street!

    Well, as I approach the back of the stage is facing me, so I have to turn the corner and then I see Ben (I'm a girl and it was love at first listen then site). I fell for Ben's music, etc. that very moment.

    Ben's first cd had just come out...Welcome To The Cruel World. I have been a fan for over 10 years now and probably forever. I really love what his music is all about.

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    • Feb 15 2005, 16:13

    Re: Ben Harper

    Several years ago I got the Tibetan Freedom Concert album and loved quite a few songs by some artists I didn't recognize. I looked up other music by these artists and found I liked a lot of their work. Ben Harper and Kula Shaker were two artists on that album that I remember in particular.

    I went out and bought Live from Mars and the album with Excuse Me Mister (title escapes me, atm)

    Then I heard one of his songs on the film "I am Sam"

    Most recently I have heard him sing on an album where the subject is very dear to my heart (I used to live in Thailand and through my job, we were actively trying to stop the genocide in Burma, or Myanmar)

    The album is called "For the Lady" and was written for Aung San Suu Kyi, the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate. If you have seen the film "Beyond Rangoon" (which fairly accurately depicts what has been going on over there for a very long time) then you may recognize her.

    I have respect for Ben Harper as a freedom fighter, a human rights activist and as a musician. I am glad to see that more people are coming to like him.

  • Re: Re: Ben Harper

    Quoth museek:
    Then I heard one of his songs on the film "I am Sam"

    Ah Strawberry Fields Forever. What a beautiful version he does.

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    • Apr 13 2005, 12:13
    I first heard glory and consequence and faded on a surfing video called laird (it's about laird hamilton obviously and is brilliant watch it.) and liked them so much that i actually bothered to look at the music credits at the end and work out who's songs they were.

    The vid also contains another good song called isolate by a band called bender

    p.s. anyone see his glastobury performance it was amazing one of the best moments in an amazing weekend.

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  • i heard about ben harper from a friend and now harper is one of my favourite artist ;)

  • The first time i heard ben harper was when i went to vist a girl friend of mine after i had just been dumped, and she had made me a cd with him on it and I instantly fell in love with his music. Pretty simple story but never would have found him if it wasnt for being dumped haha.

  • I first heard Ben Harper about 2/3 years ago, when I was on holiday with my family. My sister's husband (then boyfriend) likes him and while I was in the car with them, he played Ben Harper's 'Fight for your Mind', I fell in love with the song 'Burn One Down' and made them play it again and again while I was in the car. He became one of my favourite arists and while I was in a record shop I went to find if his album was there and one was! The album 'Welcome to the Cruel World' was just sitting there waiting for me to come along. I remember blurting out to no one in particular 'I've found it!'... it was a bit embarrassing :P But he's been one of my favourite arist since and there's not been one album of his I haven't enjoyed so much! He has such an amazing voice, and his lyrics are really inspiring! Not only that but he's pretty gorgeous too ;)
    Rach x

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    • Dic 13 2005, 1:11
    I first heard Ben Harper on a compilation CD... I can't remember right now what it was.
    But that week I went and bought Live from Mars, now I have 3 more CD's, and DVD's... can't get enough of him.. pretty bloody good

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  • Years ago I was working in a music store and had heard his name mentioned by someone, one day a promo Mama's Trippin' single came in so I took it home to check it out. After listening to it I thought it was OK, but not really my cup of tea. A few months later I was at a party and the guy throwing it kept talking about Ben Harper being on Austin City Limits that night, so when it came on we all watched it and I was amazed. After that night I went and bought Burn to Shine and got the rest of them shortly after that.

  • Years ago, MTV was playing an anti-suicide (I think) commercial and "Give a Man a Home" was the background music. The song killed me. After a few times hearing it, I went to the website listed in the commercial and, lucky fer me, they listed the artist/track...

    Crazy ever since.

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    • Lug 12 2006, 2:44
    I had heard a couple of his songs on JJJ (radio) and liked him but never had had any of his cd's. Then he played the Offshore Festival in Touquay, Australia in 1999 and opened the set with Pearl Jam's Indifference and I became an instant fan, the whole set was amazing. The next week I went out and bought The Will to Live and played it constantly. After i bought Welcome to the Cruel World and Fight for Your Mind the following week he became my favourite artist and has been ever since.

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    • Ott 22 2006, 3:10
    I found him through Amazon. Diamonds on the Inside was recommended. I find most of my music through the recommend screen. I make sure to rate everything. It hasn't failed me yet.

  • I first heard of Ben Harper from my sister (god bless that woman :)), my first album was Fight For Your Mind, I was immediately HOOKED !!

    greets, steve
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    • Mar 11 2007, 1:52
    A teacher recommended him actually.. we were talking about music, and based on the sort of stuff I like she recommeded him :)

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    • Mar 28 2007, 22:41
    I found Ben Harper by a boy from California that I met in my city.I really thank him! Actually, most of the people know Ben Harper by someone,I think.(if my english isn´t very good,sorry,I´m from the vasque country)

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    • Mag 24 2007, 5:58
    "forever" was my middle school graduation song... back in '01. So naturally i started with Welcome to the Cruel World and went from there.

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    • Giu 19 2007, 1:38
    Sexual Healing, live. It was the first music I´ve heard him sing. A friend made me heard this song.

    Since then I just can´t stop listening to his music and buying more and more albums.

    Thank you! Actually, do we all know him from a friend???

  • It was about 6 years ago when I first heard Ben's music. I guess I was at a music store or something and there it was...his music playing...I became a fan that precise moment and got "Fight For Your Mind" and "Live From Mars" some time later.... Then, back in 2004, I had the opportunity to watch him live at Rock in Rio Lisboa. That was so COOL!!! I love the way he plays the guitar...WOW

  • i heard him on bob marley tribute concert.he sang 'war'. after that i found 'burn to shine' album.

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    • Ago 18 2007, 23:10
    Well, it took some time for Ben to reach me, up here in Sweden. I guess I've heard his name several times before I really got into him, but the first track I remember reacting to was "Walk Away", like two or three years ago. And it hasn't been until like 4-5 months ago since I really got into him and started digging in his pile of great songs. What made me do it 4-5 months ago, I don't know, but I guess I gotta thank Jack Johnson for that. With Jack literally exploding in popularity around the world, I got some wonderful help to discover all the great musicians he has as friends (ofcourse Jack as well!). So when I saw a clip on YouTube of Jack and Ben doing "Please Me Like You Want To" and "High Tide Or Low Tide" on a live show, I really couldn't ignore the talent Ben's carrying. His voice is so tender and vulnerable, yet so powerful, and that's why he's definately one of the best I've ever heard.

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    • Ago 26 2007, 9:11

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    • Ago 26 2007, 9:12
    In 1998 is was in Egypt for an internship. When I visited Aswan in the south I met a guy who was more African than Egyptian (like more people in the very south of Egypt). He made me listen to some music of Ben Harper and told me more about it. And since then I am in love... not with the Egyptian but with Ben's music.

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