Atmospheric Black Metal

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Data creazione: 12 Mar 2007
For fans of atmospheric black metal.

Atmospheric Black Metal is a subset of Black Metal which began in Norway with the pioneering Black Metal artist Burzum. It melds Black Metal's unique rasping, growling, and shrieking vocal styles and tremolo picked guitars with long and repetitive or even wholely ambient passages and songs, often (but not always) contrasted by double-bass pedal drumming throughout, anchoring the passage rhythmically while adding a hypnotic quality. Atmospheric Black Metal songs often include synthesizers or classical instrumentation, typically for melody or ethereal "shimmering" over the wall of sound provided by the guitars (similar to the role of the vocal in Shoegaze). Tempos of Atmospheric Black Metal songs are slower than those of melodic, symphonic or proper Black Metal, providing another notable distinction from those genres in the rare use of blast beats and funereal pace of the drum beat. Subject matter of Atmospheric Black Metal usually concerns nature, folklore, mythology, and personal introspection, while other Black Metal subgenres are based on more macabre topics, such as satanism, war, violent sexuality, gore, and death.
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