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    Nun, meiner Meinung nach ist der nordisch germanische Glaube eine "Religion" die sich besser in der Gruppe ausleben lässt bzw. erst dort ihr wahres Gesicht entwickelt.Wie seht ihr das?Seid ihr Angehörige von ihrgendwelchen Vereinen wie Eldaring ,etc. oder praktiziert ihr das privat im Freundeskreis?

  • I think the nordic or Celtic-Nordic religions are more impressive and present if you live and act this in a group.For example the Eldaring e.V. etc.But that's only my experiences.How about you?Are you member of a organisation like that or something else?
    Sorry for my bad, broken english ;).

  • I would like to be part of a practising group, however, I can't seem to find any hearths or kindreds that are functioning in my area. I'm sure there are some, but I need to look more. I identify as a private practitioner: even though I would like to share my faith with others of a like mind (which I do at some conventions, and with others I meet who are asatruar), I find paganism in general very fitting to private practise, where I can reflect, read lore and history, study and grow spiritually.

  • Organizations

    There's many different organizations out there such as:
    The Asatru Folk Assembly
    The Troth
    The Odinic Rite

    I myself found the AFA to be really helpful, but the other organizations have good information too.

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  • I sympathisize with serveral asatru organisations in Germany (international I don't know many!) as there is "Eldaring", "Verein für Germanisches Heidentum" (former Odinic Rite Germany) and "Wodans Erben", though I don't want to join any of them.
    In my opinion the best form of practizing Asatru in Groups is to build up regional groups and networks, if there a enough people sharing the own interests and beliefs.

  • As many of you, I participate in many of the odinist communities in my country, but there is no one in my area, so I only participate 'virtually'.

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