Army Of The Pharaohs

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Leader: XciT
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Data creazione: 21 Mar 2006
Army of the Pharaohs

In Death Reborn (2014)
The Unholy Terror (2010)
Ritual of Battle (2007)
The Torture Papers (2006)

Army of the Pharaohs

Started by the Jedi Mind Tricks in the late nineties, the original Army of the Pharaohs line-up included five MCs: Vinnie Paz, Chief Kamachi, Esoteric, Virtuoso and Bahamadia. This version of the group released The 5 Perfect Exertions EP before disbanding. Around 2005 Paz brought back Esoteric and Kamachi, as well as many new members to put out an LP which would end up being The Torture Papers, released in March 2006. From the beginning Paz had envisioned the group as a loose collaboration between the biggest names in east-coast underground hip-hop, very similar to the original Wu-Tang Clan.

Most of the production on The Torture Papers was provided by 7L and his associates, and rising German underground beat-maker Shuko. Of note is Stoupe the Enemy of Mankind, the Jedi Mind Tricks producer, being completely absent from the album.

There is also a bootleg continuation of The Torture Papers circulating around the internet called The Bonus Papers, which is composed entirely of tracks not released on the album. It is thought some songs didn't fit the artistic design of the album while others were known to have been extremely political and maybe were held back to reduce controversy.

Vinnie Paz
7L & Esoteric
Celph Titled
Crypt the Warchild
Des Devious
Faez One
King Syze
Reef the Lost Cause

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