Racism In Music

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    Racism In Music

    This and the following 2 posts are from another website, but I believe some of you might find it interesting.

    Rubén Nörjhz wrote:

    "Death Metal might not be racist, but it will always be listened by a high amount of white skin people, which allows them to re-group and so let the “black/Color” people out… Or give them the common sense of no tasting or listening to that music.

    But I’ll be very honest with you, Metal comes from Rock and if you get deep into rock, you’ll end up in blues… Which means, our masters and the ones that bring the electric guitar to you guys… (Yes the one that you use to play “death metal” based on 4 power chords and basic scales for solos), are “black people”, still want to be racist?, ok, because blues also expresses depression or bad moments (rage) trough conscious states, you can compare it to death metal talking about corpses, death, blood, rape, war, whatever, still in that state of rage or in the need of expressing your shit, you’ll never reach a deep soul sound… like blues, and gentlemen… is from black people mostly, even if you are a music genius, you’ll still let the death metal be what it is, because is just another kind of music, but seriously… it attract little kids (so you might be good with raping)

    Thats it, I respect your taste, but I don’t have to accept it, even worse, why attacking the nihilist site?, because I understand nihilism as a method not a philosophy, so please stop with your linear logic when releasing music and so art, expand yourselves and create music for your own pleasure, why caring about racism? do you have ears?"

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    This was my post

    So we got the true racist here, spreading lies to promote his favourite race. Here is a little history lesson: The electric guitar was invented in 1925 by John Dopyera, a Czech immigrant in the USA, for a Texan origin Californian guitar player, George Beauchamp. They partnered and formed the guitar company “National Guitars”. Few years later Beauchap split and teamed up with another European immigrant, Adolph Rickenbacker and Paul Barth, developed the first commercially produced electric guitars named the A-25 Frying Pan in 1932. None of these were black people. Black peoples’ influence on world music is less than 100 years old and early black musicians appear to prefer vocals and drums over other instrumental playing. Metal and rock typically overwhelmed with instrumental playing, has its origins in country, folk, blues, classical & medieval music. Country and blues is really from folk music, which is a Millennium or two old and the style of folk music which did the influencing was mostly from Europe and somewhat from Asia. Medieval and Classical are also over a half-Millennium old and they are the origin of most instrumental plays. I believe that this “rock/metal origin from black people” idea was invented by some politically correct misguided people in the media due to some slavery originated guilt or whatever other agenda.

    When it comes to raping, killing, racism, etc, Death Metal is a midget compared to Rap

    Ruben’s other paragraphs 1, 2, 3 and 5 makes generally no sense, even more incoherent than the “Dave” postings.

    Heavy metal was "invented" in the USA by (1st recorded by) Iron Butterfly (1967), Steppenwolf (1967), and in the UK in the purest form by Black Sabbath in 1968. Not black people.

    These are some different metal music samples, I implore you to find any black origins in them:
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DUi1yf97paw (Israel)
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g4ouPGGLI6Q (Holland)
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f-9s6bsJqJM (Hungary)
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WgRWT4ISO4Y (USA)
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_o6lX_qdlLI (Sweden)
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-B3UrB_dex8 (England)
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UGOJ9rSZT5E (Sweden)
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tsLkL8DTHeg (England)
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rU5HakM5_1Y (Finland)

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    • Lug 2 2010, 4:22

    Boris Balkan wrote:

    RACISM is a ideology based/concer of ancient politics, and mithology.

    Greeks: the concept of “areté” and “Xenophobia”…(they belive in racial distinctions among conquerros and slaves ( Aqueos, dorians, etc…)

    Gods, Gothorum (baltogermanic tribes): Blut Adel (blood heritage). The racial distinction between the Jarls or kings (blond or dred hair) and the people with dark hair (slaves).

    Indoiranian: Manu laws Code-the arya Varna (varna means caste or race in sanskrit).

    white supremacist, racism and Racialism is not the same.Fascism, NSADP (National Socialism) is not the same ! KKK and North America racism is another history.

    Metal music talks about mithologies : 80s bands (trash, speed, heavy) talk a lot about satan and satanism. Satanic mithology spread the worship of Satan ( Samahel – Old testament-Hebrew), the dark lord and evil one,etc (dualistic post Mazdeism dualities and neo-monotheism). Now we have a lot of metal bands with other mithologies: Celtic, Germanic, Slavic, etc…(Indo european Paganism).

    If some bands talk abut rape womens, sacrife childrens, orgies, drugs or any (as satanic 80s bands did) and NON-MORALIST stuff…is acceptable. if they said: Hail Satan !, is just fine for headbangers…. but, if a metal band say “Hail Hitler” …now, dotards start the discusion if metal followers can tolerate racism. Metal is about Mithologies(and whatever u want to say), if some guys belive in that ..i dont give a fuck!!!…if they sing about Satan, Odhin or III Reich ..so great…WTF….if u dont like, don´t listen that “kind of metal”.but don`t tell us which band is “true metal”…fuck off u moralist people.

    By the way: “cotation”

    Ok, stop. What? a.) There is no such thing as race. b.) culture ≠ race. c.) there are no clear delineations between cultures!

    who ever wrote that..is just a “doxomimetics” (the copy of accepted/comon sense – opinion) Race exist for the Antropologist and Etnologist, Archeologist, fisiologist, academics,etc.

    Race and culture: Whats the line between both concepts? well, when u study old indoeuropean grammar, u know the most of the kalkolitcs and iron age tribes mixed the concept of “culture” and “Race”. The concept of culture came from the greek (Athenas) word: PAIDEIA and means : “to teach how to be a perfect man or citizen” , and the early paidea (Werner Jaeger theory) made a selection between the Race/blood heritage- of the invaders and conquerred tribes. The invaders were ( Baltics, anatholian migration theories )- Ionians (Ancient Greek Ἰωνία or Ἰωνίη), Dorians, Aqueans (minos-Cretences)..etc …

    In old times the conquerrors saids: we are the master race! , we are power and we are “good”. To be white and blond is to be a member of the aristocracy -the gods caste-. If u think im talkin shit, read the first chapter of Federich Nitzsche “geneology of the moral” or some academic works of filology.

    now, modern Democracy says: “its a crime to belive in race or racial diferences”-…well, thats a political stufff…. someday they will say to belive in any god or Santa klaus is a crime too , i don`t care. If some headbangers or skinhead hypocefalics jerks, belive in white racial supremacy, is the same to belive in satan or Christ or w/e (methapisics), at least if we stand infront of a moral/ethic argument.

    If u belive race or cultural diferences dosen´t exist ..well, it depends what kind of academic sources do u read or do u prefer.

    Im gonna keep lisening Manowar, Burzum, storm, Nokturnal Mortum, Arkona,etc. I don´t care if they were nazis or they are still talking about myths as “Racism”. U waste ur time triying to tell waht can we hear or not. “Racism” and “paganism” is the new extreme metal satanism, and there will be alwways extrem metal fans.

    sorry about my bad english grammar, english is not my native language.


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    • Lug 2 2010, 21:58
    I am black and I love metal and rock. I could careless what others think. I have been told that I should be listening to rap and not metal. I am not going to stop listening to metal for anyone. I can't stand that rap shit. Very rare you will find a black person like me who can see how terrible rap is. I find the articles interesting though.

    What I hate is that (other) blacks can get away with calling whites "crackers" and "honkey" but when someone calls them a nigger, hell breaks loose. Talk about double standards. I can't stand racists of any color but especially black racists.

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  • It does not bother me if a band is racist, in fact I think racist lyrics can be hilarious. I also enjoy the prideful racist lyrics. I would listen to a non-White racist band if the music was good enough.

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    For those fucking idiots who claim a white person is racist just because they don't like rap...You are an IDIOT...So if black people don't like country does that mean they're racist too?? Most blacks who listen to gangsta rap HATE white people and will even kill that person if they catch that person in their "hood"....And whites who listen to rap nothing but a bunch of wannabe chumps that people laugh at..(Blacks Mostly)

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    Renegadesteve you're a fucking faggot asshole...Don't ever fucking come to my page or i will shoot your black ass...

  • ill fucking kill every rap fuck and their family

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