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Nickelback haters, unite! Viva la resistance!

Nickelback has single-handedly destroyed the radio industry. These guys produce nothing more than cookie-cutter pop/rock bullshit.

Their popularity has spawned countless other terrible bands, including Theory of a Deadman, Default, and the equally atrocious Hinder.

Every time Nickelback is played on the radio, an angel loses its wings.

Need proof that Nickelback is the root of all evil? Click below (best with headphones): (re-directs to archive of

While many people in this group share a similar hatred for some of the aforementioned bands, the only requirement of this group is to hate Nickelback. So even if you like some or all of the other bands, you're welcome to join this group.

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4/30/2007: The group journal is restricted; only journal entries depicting a disliking for Nickelback will be accepted.

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