Hello everyone.

  • Hello everyone.

    How are you doing?

    (((***** Don't judge a book by it's cover, judge it by it's content inside. *****)))
  • i seriously hope this group grows. with all the other super popular bullshit groups on last.fm, you'd think one with some substance would take off as well. we'll see :).

    but yeah, hi!

  • hi!
    i think homophobia is a very serious problem and its cool what on last fm this group
    yeah gays im with you ))

  • its sad... i really like hip hop, reggea and dancehall. but i hate homophobia ....

    • pojaraa_ ha detto...
    • Utente
    • Ago 19 2008, 16:59


    hm i'm fine. i am thinking homophobia is a problem big big bigggggg problem :D it's good to be in this group :D

  • I'm doing bad, thanks. homophobia strangled me till death.

  • hi people. I'm Vika, crazy Ukrainian lesbian :D Cool group :]

    I want to see.. Lasha tumbai!!
    *~*Serduchka Fan 4 Life*~*
  • If you would think about differences in sexuality of humans you could notice that homophobia is very crass. I think that it's a stupidity to treat somebody worse only because he or she is gay. I have known some homosexual people and I think they don't deserve to be beset.

    ~ nosce te ipsum ~
  • I feel really great about my friends. When we met noone knows sexuality others. After few years we know, that there's no hetero person between us ^.^
    But 'outside' many of my friends suffered by homophobia ;( And it didn't came only from heterosexual people, but from homosexiuals too >.<
    I think that people have low self-esteem, that's why they don't respect others :(

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