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Everyone knows Angelina Belle Bergenwall is indie, so why not make a group about it?

------ Recent News ----------
19/4 -2010

Angie performed on Kägelbanan in Stockholm, the indie capital of the world. She received mixed reviews raging from "awful" to "outstanding". Keep it up, Angie!

We congratulate Clara Scharfenstein on her birthday today. Glückwünsche Clara! We hope your stay here in Sweden will continue to be wonderful!

20/4 - 2010

Angie got a full score at her natural science test making her a bit less indie. Why did you do it, Angie?! :( we are so sory for you!

29/4 2010

We had to help Angie start her moped. It turned out that she just had forgotten to switch the power on. So indie... On the way there we saw a couple having sex in handicaped toilet.

3/5 2010

Angie is yet to recieve her new next generation Spotify for her account lostmysocks. So indeeeeeaa...... She is so angry right now. Hope yo get is soon, Angie!

4/5 2010

Oh my GOD! Angie got her New Spotify yesterday!! Now she's so much more indie 'cause Spotify is so inddeeeeaaa....... Now we listen to her playlists and be just like her and we can be inde too! Thanks Angie :)))


Lady Gaga just announced that Angie Belle Bergenwall and her band is to perform along side her in the Monster Ball tour when it comes to Sweden on Friday. She said that " Angie is one of my best little monters and I've wanted to perform with her for years". Angie is to fill in on the part of Beyoncé in the song Telephone as she has fallen ill. Lady Gaga said that "her indie attitude and charisma will replace that bitch perfectly. haha just kidding B." We caught Angie for an interview the other day when she had fallen off her moped. " I'm very excited to perform with Lady Gaga on Friday and it will be fun". She said while being loaded into the ambulance to be taken to the hospital.
Be sure to book the tickets to get to see our Angie. Good luck! :)

8/5 2010

OMG! Angie and Lady Gagas performance was just amazing last night. I hope you saw it too! Angie was even more indie that I'd expect. There is talks between Angie and So Indie Records to sign with her, taking the place of Beyoncé. This has made her very angry. She has now filed a lawsuit against Angie for being much indier than her. "That bitch is going down" Beyoncé commented when we catched her on the way to the Desinys Child reunion party. Angie has sent us a letter saying that she's "not scarred about an old bitch like Beyoncé". We have reports that Angie has hired the famous defence attorney Christer van der Kvast to represent her in the trial.
Good luck Angie! :)
17/5 -10

OMG! Angie sent me this e-mail and told me to put it up on the group. Read it! :)

Hello, little biattches!

It'ss Angie herre, blooging. I hav to sai that i'm wery glad that yo al loove mi. I's beacose i'm soo indi.
Tank you!

That was soooo inde of her sending an e-mail to me. I looooove heeeeeeer...
20/5 -10

This saturday Angie is displaying her photography in an exhibition in Stockholm. The title is "My life and the reason for me being more indier than you". The announcement has spread a mass-hysteria through out Stockholm and Sweden with people queueing for days. Her pictures features world renowned super models as Josefin Arestav and Flora. The exhibition has sparked tensions with photographer Annie Leibovitz after Angie's statement that " I'm so much indier than her. I mean c'mon she's just boring. Not indie...". Annie responded with threatening to take a crap on all of Angie's photos before the exhibition making them impossible to show. "I must do what I have to" Annie said after shooting Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace this afternoon.

UPDATE: The lawsuit against Angie filed by Beyoncé this month have come to the final step in the proceedings. Both the defence and the prosecution has made their case and the judge Judith Sheindlin, as seen in the television programme Judge Judy, is expected to give the final verdict next week.
27/5 -10

We are sorry to report that Angie's exhibition "My life and the reason for me being so much indier than me" has been dismantled at Fotografiska in Stockholm. Several complaints from the visitors about the strong poo smell from Annie Leibovitz's crap was one of the reasons. She reportedly smeared all the photographs with crap the night before the opening. The Swedish Arbetsmiljöverket has now instructed the museum to close down and begin sanitizing the premises starting tomorrow. We have tried reaching Angie for a comment but her assistant and BFF Deni Berling said that she's undergoing sessions with her psychologist Sabina Bergström for not getting to study graphic communication and was not available for a comment.

The trial between Angie and Beyoncé saw an abrupt ending this week. During the judge's last questionings Angie made an insulting comment to judge Judith Sheindlin, saying "Hello? Florence and the machine is not a group, stupid. It's just a signer! I'm so much indier than youuuuu..." This made the judge go into a damping spree in the court room, throwing the judge club on to Angie's very expensive camera and destroying it. This has no doubt played a part in her recent depression.
4/6 -10

Today, Friday, Angie went waterskiing with her girlfriends. Bel was of course there to prevent her from making a fool out of herself, though unsuccessfully. As she was photographing Lara Sindelar and skiing beside her she forgot to hold the line attached to the boat. She and her new camera plunged into the water and Bel was very depressed. He will not buy her a new camera. After the incident Angie can't have fotoshoots anymore so she can't earn money. That's why she can't go to the green lund on Monday. She has no money. But a fan, Philip Stroembaeck, has offered her money for the trip but Angie has refused. When asked why, she replied "It's because I'm so indie. I don't take money from people who's not indie! Ohmygosh..." Reliable sources says another thing. Apparently Angie has a phobia for roller coasters and often throw up just for the sight of them. Learning this makes her a little less indier... Come on Angieeeeeee! You have to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope you're having a great summer guys! :))))) sorry i haven't updated so much... ;pPPpPPPppPPppPpPPP
So here's what's new:
Angie and her BFF/professional agent Deni Berling have traveled around Europe performing at several venues. This is the latest installment in their pr marketing tour selling their latest album "We're so indie together, but i'm a litte indier than Deni. I promise. Anyone who say's i'm not is just trying to be indie like me..." The album is described as a Euro-pop-schlager-electronica-techno and of course indie album. The couple is obviously trying to bridge the gap between many genres. The question is: are they barking up the wrong tree? The album has gained mixed reviews. Alan Alanson from Rolling Stones Magazine has called it "an fucking awful excuse for an album. Horrible, just horrible." But it was received well in several Swedish schlager magazines. Angie later tweeted Alanson threatening to strangle him with her camera bag string.

There has been some speculation that the real reason behind the euro trip was advertise themselves for the Eurovision Song Contest next year. When asked to comment Deni responded: "Yes we are. The song is actually in the album! I'm very over exited right now! [creepy smile]" When we informed her that releasing the entry song before the contest is against the rules she started hysterically crying. Svante Stockselius then arrived and ripped their entry document in half.
So indieeeeeeeeeeee......
14/8 -10
HEeeeeeelllooooooooooooooooooo everybody! I'm bloging live from the Way out west festival in Gothemburg.

Okey, so I've just seen Konononononononno No1 and there was this talk about a really cool band playing at one of the clubs on Stay Out West. And their name was Angie B.B and the Indie People. And i was so fucking surprised 'cause i haven't met Angie in like ages ( I know her really well, promise) and i told myself i just had to go......... to the bajamaja. jk. but seriously i went there. The gig was in this really indie second hand shop called "The Indie Shop That's Real Indie, I Can Tell You!" and it was really crowded 'cause it was quite small. Yeah, so anyways. The band starts playing their debut single "Indie Disco" and it's was just magical! There was Philip Stroambaek on drums, Tom Podbury on guitar, Axel Stjernqvist on base and synth and of course Deni Berling with her beautiful voice. And Angie belle Bergenwall on camera. Just incredible.

Alan Alanson from Rolling Stones Magazine called it "a breakthrough in inde music. Angie B.B and the Indie People takes fresh indie tunes with dazzling 80's synth beats and mix it all together to make and excellent soup. Mmmm, delicious!" Carin Garage from Q Magazine called it an "electronic robot gone nuts but at the same time keeps it indieness. I'm in love."

On the sad note, Tom Podbury missed his train to Allingsås so he had to stay with the rest of the band on Scandic Hotel. This angered Angie who felt really threatened by his indie attitude. Later that night they got in a fight with each other concerning turtle sex.

xoxo gossip girl


Hi! it's poopluggen here again and i've just been to popaganda or poopaganda haha! :PppPPPPppP

it was GREAT! I damped a lot infront of Robyn and it was fun because she ate a banana and threw it out into the crowd and it hit some girl with really big, fluffy hair and it ruined her very over-kill-very-expensive camera. This made her very angry and rushed up the stage to pick a fight with Robyn. She was knocked down the stage almost immediately and I thought she looked like a girl on that I liked her musical taste. Ivory.. something. Oh well, never mind.

The next day I was looking forwards to the band I saw on Way out west, Angie B.B and the Indie People. But I was really disapointed cause I really wanted to see them! Apparently Angelina Belle Bergenwall and Axel Stjernkvist were the only ones there. Deni Berling and Philip Stroembaek stayed at home in uppsala because they were to lazy. Tom Podbury had to stay in Allingsås because he was low on cash. But it's okey, cause Tom Podbory is coming to Uppsala in October playing solo at several venues, it's gonna be niiice. and he has promised to buy everyone china food. Tank you Tom Podbury!! :DD

8/10 - 10

Hi eveyone!!!!!!! long time no sees :) i'm soorry i've been busy with my indieness. but do not fear!

last friday i was at this really indie palce vox here in central Uppsala. it was open mic night and word had it that Angie B.B and the Inde Peolpe would play there. I was so fucking excited i almost pooped myself, haha just kiddddding!! ;PPpPpppPPPPpP

okay, so i was sitting there mith my 10 kr pasta and 7 kr coffe just being indie with all the indie kids at vox. i had front row seats. of course, cause im so indie. I was surprised cause Äpplen i marken played with Lara Sindlear (friend with Angie B.B and fell into the water at the water skiiing incident). She played the melodica. It was nice. When i was about to commented on her performance she was knocked over by Angie as she was making her way up the stage. She was no doubt trying to prove her indieness.

Unfortunately, none of her fellow band memeber decided to show up. You could see the frustration in her eyes, she was forced to play alone and she didn't have any instruments. She was handed a guitar but remembered she couldn't play. The camera was the only insstrument she knew ow to handle. She took it out and began to flash and at the same time dancing. The whole performance took about 20 minints. The MGMT dude called it "an awful experience".

After Angie a death metal band called "Blood and headbanging" from Tierp performed. Angie reportedly made the comment "this is just crap, not indie. I'm sooo ore indier than them" The main singer answered with troing blood at her, ruining her camera. Angie then rose up enraged and killed the singer with the guitar she had borrowed. The case is now under police investigation and court proceedings will start next week.

When asked to comment she said "i have to learn all the japanseeseesses alfabet. or i will die"


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