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Data creazione: 20 Mag 2012

Hello everyone. I'm Andrée Vermeulen. Most people call me Drée. I am an actress and a funny lady, and guess what? I'm a pretty good rapper too. Welcome to my website. How did you get here? No one knows…

Just so you know, I'm currently based in L.A. and am a house performer at The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. You can catch me every second Wednesday of the month performing with my house sketch team, "Oh, Brother!" or in a bunch of other shows like "The BEATdown" a comedians-only improv rap battle, or "Gravid Water" a theatrical experiment. Check out my performer profile for show times:

I love sneakers, Tracy Anderson, and combining my powers to form Captain Planet. Also, I'd love to meet Lil' Wayne. There. I said it.


Kris Koller
Seven Summits Pictures & Management

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