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American Head Charge (often referred to as AHC) are an industrial metal/nu metal band from Minneapolis, Minnesota USA. As many fans alreadt know the band was formed in 1996, the genealogical birthchild of a richly fortunate meeting through a rehabilitation center in Plymouth, Minnesota between founding members Cameron Heacock and Chad Hanks. The band briefly had the names "Flux" and "Gestapo Pussy Ranch" but these names were both short-lived and American Head Charge was the chosen name!

Current Members

* Cameron Heacock - Vocals
* Chad Hanks - Bass
* Benji Helberg - Guitar
* Karma Singh Cheema - Guitar
* Justin Fouler - Keyboards/Piano/Samplers
* Dane Touders - Drums

Former Members

* Chris Emery – Drums (February 11, 2006)
* Karma Singh Cheema – Guitar (Early 2004 - April 2005)
* Bryan Ottoson – Guitar (April 2002 - April 19, 2005 deceased)
* Jamie White – Keyboard
* Aaron Zilch – Keyboard (Mid/Late 1999 - January 2003)
* Dave Rogers – Guitar
* Peter Harmon – Drums
* Wayne Kile – Guitar (Mid/Late 1999 - April 2002)

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